La Latina

With El Rastro flea market, tapas, the festival of La Paloma, Las Vistillas Gardens and much more, this fun-loving area of Madrid is a must for visitors to the capital

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  • La Latina
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  • Mercado de La Cebada / La Latina
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  • Any day is a good day to explore one of Madrid’s most authentic neighbourhoods.

    A Sunday in La Latina
  • Huevos rotos de Casa Lucio


  • Find out more about this universal art in a city that breathes flamenco and is home to leading flamenco houses and shows by reputed artists of the genre.

    Flamenco in Madrid
  • El Flamenco en Madrid
  • Find out why Spaniards tend to eat later than the rest of the continent, when it's traditional to munch on a "saint's bones" and where you take in a flamenco show with a drink or a meal

    Eating in Madrid (PDF)
  • Guide Eating in Madrid


The city’s new official sightseeing and tourist travel pass.

An observation deck at 92 metres.

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