Theatre and dance in Madrid

  • A romantic journey to the Seville of 1830 with a choreographic performance of Bizet's opera (Teatro Nuevo Apolo. 6 Jul-31 Ago).

    Carmen de Bizet
  • Carmen de Bizet

july & august highlights

Mario Gas narrates Puccini’s poignant drama from three perspectives (Teatro Real. 27 Jun-21 Jul).

The largest musical production ever seen in Spain. Over 85 million people around the world (Teatro Lope de Vega. Tuesdays to Sundays).

A series of dance numbers to pay homage to Ruiz Soler, on the 20th anniversary of his death (Teatros del Canal - Sala Roja. 21-30 July).

A prestigious line-up of dancers will be performing Tchaikovsky's fairy tale (Teatro de la Luz Philips. Tuesdays to Sundays. 27 Jun-3 Aug).

The Yllana company has produced this madcap classical music concert filled with comic sketches (Teatro Alfil. Check dates. Until 27 August).

A dance show that presents its adaptation of the opera by Georges Bizet (Teatros del Canal - Sala Roja. 31 Aug-17 Sept).

Veranos de la Villa festival
  • Alessandro Sciarroni offers a show in which ancient folklore dance evolves towards new formats (Naves Matadero. Centro Internacional de Artes Vivas. 22-23 August).

  • Fuente (Imagen): Andrea Macchia
San Lorenzo de El Escorial
  • An opera and ballet programme featuring great pieces from history (Teatro Auditorio San Lorenzo de El Escorial. 21 Jun-5 Aug).

    Summer Festival
  • Festival de Verano
Coming this year
  • A dance show from the director of the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games in Brazil (Teatro de la Luz Philips. 12-13 September).

    Vero - Deborah Colker
  • Kiti Mánver and Chevy Muraday star in a multidisciplinary production ( Teatros del Canal – Green Room. Tuesdays to Sundays. 27 Sept-22 Oct).

  • Classical and contemporary dance to reclaim the Plaza Mayor as one of the cultural hubs of the capital (Plaza Mayor. 23 September).

    Don Quijote Suite & Minus 16 (Spanish National Dance Company)
  • An impressive show that brings together flamenco, metal and martial arts (Teatro Nuevo Apolo. Thursdays to Sundays. 5 Oct-12 Nov).

    Vivancos – Born to Dance
  • Coming soon

    An amazing journey through the evolution of mankind, from its amphibian state to its ultimate desire to fly (Escenario Puerta del Ángel. From 10 November).

    Totem. Cirque du Soleil
  • Vero - Deborah Colker
  • Sensible
  • Don Quijote Suite & Minus 16
  • Vivancos – Nacidos para bailar
  • Totem. Cirque du Soleil
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