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  • Gastronomía española en Madrid

Savoury dishes and sweets, tapas and wines of the land. What and where to eat in Madrid.

Madrid is brimming with revamped markets where locals do their weekly shopping and meet friends for a drink and a bite to eat.

Discover the establishments that boast one, two or even three Michelin stars, from long-established restaurants to new venues that have been awarded their first stars in the 2022 edition.

Here’s a list of the best tapas bars in Madrid for a most enjoyable culinary experience.

All the vegetarian and vegan options in the capital. Fresh products prepared in modern and traditional recipes.

Madrid has taken over from Miami as Iberian-American Capital of Gastronomic Culture. Come to Madrid and discover America.

A selection of restaurants that serve home-made dishes that have been enjoyed in Spain for generations.

Don't leave Madrid without first dining at one of these eateries steeped in history.


Make room in your tummy because you won't want to miss out on these mouth-watering treats.

Madrileños love their chocolate, especially when it's served piping hot with a few crunchy churros to dip into it.


Discover the excellent wines, oils, meat and other products from Madrid with Designation of Origin.

Discover Spanish wines, among the best in the world , and the emerging wines from Madrid, which are increasingly elaborated and recognised.

  • Find out why Spaniards tend to eat later than the rest of the continent, when it's traditional to munch on a "saint's bones" and where you take in a flamenco show with a drink or a meal

    Eating in Madrid (PDF)
  • Guide Eating in Madrid
  • These soups will take us on a trip around the world without ever having to leave Madrid.

    Not soup again!
  • Esta es la sopa de miso con tofu que sirven en el restaurante Kikoba.
  • Madrid's excellent transport system allows you to get around the city quickly and safely by bus, metro, train or taxi.

    Getting around Madrid
  • Madrid may not be on the coast, but the city knows how to prepare a mean paella.

    Rice Restaurants in Madrid
  • Arrocerías en Madrid
  • If you want to learn to cook like Madrid's top chefs, sign up for a cooking course while you're in town.

    Cooking Schools


An observation deck at 92 metres.

Our online store (in Spanish) sells artisan souvenirs.

Hop on board the city's official sightseeing bus!

  • After a long day touring the city, relax on a terrace with a drink or a meal and watch the sun set.

    Outdoor Bars and Cafés
  • Terraza del Café del Río (Avenida de Portugal, 1) © Álvaro López