Events in Madrid

  • A month full of activities related to flamenco and Spanish dance (Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa. 17 May-11 Jun).

    Flamenco Madrid 2017
  • The most exclusive interior design exhibition  in Europe celebrates its 25th anniversary (Antonio Maura, 8. 10 May-18 Jun).

    Casa Decor 2017
  • Flamenco Madrid
  • Casa Decor

May Highlights

The most exclusive interior design exhibition  in Europe celebrates its 25th anniversary (Antonio Maura, 8. 10 May-18 Jun).

Don’t miss the weekly changing of the guard (on Weds and Sat) and the special Solemn Change, which takes place on the first Wednesday of each month.

Elegance and exclusivity at the most chic pop up market in Madrid (The Westin Palace: 25 May-4 June).

Booksellers, authors and readers gather at one of the most traditional cultural events in the capital (El Retiro Park. 26 May-11 June).

The International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts is holding its 20th edition (31 May-27 August).

First cultural festival to depict the culture of the Sahrawi people through film (Cineteca - Matadero. 26-28 May).

Annual events

In 2017, Madrid is the international capital of diversity with the celebration of the great world LGTB Pride festival (23 June-2 July).

The festival of urban trends is holding a new edition with activities and concerts by major names on the electronic music scene (Feria de Madrid. 30 Jun- 2 Jul).

August is a fantastic month to experience Madrid at its most authentic, with the San Cayetano, San Lorenzo and Virgen de la Paloma festivities.

An event to discover the world of architecture and urban development through tours, exhibitions and talks (September-October).

Offerings by established designers and young stylists will be sauntering down the runway (Feria de Madrid. 15-19 September).

The longest shopping evening of the year brings glamour, promotions and gifts to the Salamanca district (September).

Join Madrileños in Puerta del Sol at midnight for your 12 lucky grapes, watch the Three Kings parade through the city, take part in the San Silvestre Run on the last day of the year, and fill up on delicious Yuletide treats!

Madrid is good enough to eat! Get ready for a fortnight of gastronomic delights (January-February 2018).

Enjoy the opening ceremony, the parade, the burial of the sardine and an endless range of activities for children and adults.

Enjoy the emotion, the passion and the gastronomy of a fully Spanish tradition.

  • Don't miss

    Enjoy the full programme of activities that has been prepared to celebrate the 4th centenary of the famous square (Plaza Mayor. Throughout 2017).

    400th Anniversary of Madrid's Plaza Mayor
  • Logo Cuarto Centenario Plaza Mayor
  • The Farmers' Market offers fresh produce from local farmers in Madrid (Matadero Madrid. Last weekend of the month: 10-11 June).

    Madrid Productores
  • Visit one of the most popular vintage markets in the Spanish capital (Railway Museum. Second weekend of every month. Next edition: 10-11 June).

    Motor Market
  • Madrid Productores
  • Take a peek at our selection of the most important events taking place this year and start planning your next visit!

    2017 Events Calendar
  • Totem. Cirque du Soleil


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