Exhibitions in Madrid

  • El Renacimiento en Venecia. Triunfo de la belleza y destrucción de la pintura

june highlights

Two hundred works by the Dutch visionary whose drawings have inspired scientists and designers are showcased in what is undoubtedly one of the exhibitions of the year (Gaviria Palace. Till 24 September).

The close relationship between the work of the artist from Malaga and the Mediterranean culture and landscape (Canal de Isabel II Foundation. 1 Jun-15 Aug).

The violence and horror of war in the work of the genius from Málaga (Reina Sofia Museum. Till 4 September).

Tribute to a technology that changed the way of portraying the world (Espacio Fundación Telefónica. Till 10 September).

Recorrido fotográfico por la historia estadounidense del siglo XIX (Casa de América. Till 20 July).

The International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts is holding its 20th edition (31 May-27 August).

Journey through the history of film and its relationship with the world of art (CaixaForum Madrid. 26 Apr-20 Ago).

The most outstanding works in the collection of the American institution will be on display at Madrid’s leading museum (Prado Museum. Till 10 September).

Retrospective of two key artists in European avant-garde (Reina Sofia Museum. Till 18 September).

Journey through the brief and provocative artistic production by the eccentric artist from New Jersey (Reina Sofia Museum. 30 May-25 Sept).

Paradox and contradiction in the latest installation by the Italian visual artist and filmmaker (The Glass Palace. 18 May-27 Aug).

Exhibition of the recently restored sculpture at the Madrid art gallery (Prado Museum. 12 Jun-17 Sept).

Coming in 2017
  • New

    The unpublished painting by the Spanish painter is temporarily on display at the Madrid art gallery (Prado Museum. Till 29 October).

    Velázquez, Portrait of Philip III
  • New

    Joint exhibition with major works by Renaissance painters (Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. 20 Jun-24 Sept).

    Renaissance Venice. The Triumph of Beauty and the Destruction of Painting
  • The influence of the French painter in the work of the artist from Malaga (Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. 17 Oct-21 Jan 2018).

    Picasso - Lautrec
  • Retrospective exhibition of the work of one of the most important artists in Spanish Painting (Prado Museum. 21 Nov-18 Mar 2018).

    Mariano Fortuny (1838 – 1874)
  • Velázquez, retrato de Felipe III
  • El Renacimiento en Venecia. Triunfo de la belleza y destrucción de la pintura
  • Picasso - Lautrec
  • Mariano Fortuny
  • A short but fascinating introduction to the city’s main museums which boast an important cultural heritage encompassing most European styles

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  • El Rey León
  • Photography, painting, sculpture... The arts have found their niche in Madrid's leading museums and exhibition halls (May - August 2017).

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  • Madrid Culture. Art exhibitions calendar May-August 2017


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