Exhibitions in Madrid

  • First stop of this travelling exhibition about the Nazi extermination camp in Poland, with over 600 original objects (Canal Art Centre. Till 17 June).

  • Auschwitz

April highlights


Discover why Rubens is the most important painter of sketches in the history of European art (Prado Museum. Till 5 August).

An extraordinary exhibition comprising nearly 200 works, on loan from the Israel Museum, by artists who revolutionised the 20th-century (Gaviria Palace. 10 Apr-15 Jul).

Review of clothing at the end of the 19th century and early 20th century in the work of the painter from Valencia (Sorolla Museum. 12 Feb-27 May).

Painting and design brought together in the sketches by the great painter from Valencia (Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Till 27 May).

Exhibition focusing on a retrospective of the icon of the pop culture (CaixaForum Madrid. 1 Feb-6 May).

All the posters by the French painter that illustrate life in fin-de-siècle Paris (Canal de Isabel II Foundation. 8 Feb-6 May).

Over one hundred works review the artistic friendship between the three artists (Mapfre Foundation. Recoletos Exhibition Hall. 1 Feb-6 May).

Collective exhibition about Portuguese avant-garde artists from the early 20th Century (Reina Sofia Museum. 7 Feb-7 May).

Last chance

Discover the work of this exceptional draftswoman, daughter to Goya’s last housekeeper (Biblioteca Nacional. Till 22 April).

The artist's evolution from his early engravings to his freer interpretations, which were closer in style to his paintings (Lázaro Galdiano Foundation Museum. Till 3 June).

A self-curated exhibition of this renowned illustrator (ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration. Till 20 May).

Exhibition displaying the huge variety of cubism creative proposals (Reina Sofia Museum. Until end of 2018).

Last chance

In this video-installation, the artist has taken inspiration from Marie Curie (Espacio Telefónica Foundation. 23 Feb-22 Apr).

Recreation of the effects that the museums had on the artist’s work (Círculo de Bellas Artes. 14 Feb-16 May).

Most extensive retrospective of the photographic and cinematographic work of the most important Dutch photographer of the 20th century (Mapfre Foundation. Bárbara de Braganza Exhibition Hall. 26 Jan-20 May).

Exhibition that shows the influence of the East on contemporary Spanish art (Juan March Foundation. 8 Mar-24 Jun).

Exhibition based on the figure of the American choreographer (Espacio Telefónica Foundation. 23 Mar-24 Jun).


Exhibition of works by Titian and other Italian Renaissance painters on slate and white marble (Prado Museum. 17 Apr-5 Aug).

  • Max Beckmann. Quappi con suéter rosa. 1932 - 1934. ©VEGAP, Madrid
  • A short but fascinating introduction to the city’s main museums which boast an important cultural heritage encompassing most European styles

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