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Madrid is a top tourist destination, offering everything from art and culture to leisure and sports, as well as restaurants, shops and green spaces. There are so many places to go, so many things to do… And the city continues to improve its accessibility provisions so that all visitors can make the most of their trip to the Spanish capital.

The Madrid Council, in conjunction with Predif (an NGO representing people with disabilities) and other tourism organisations, has developed the Accessible Travel Guide, containing information on tourist sights for disabled visitors.

Our must-have guide will help you plan your visit to Madrid, whether you’re on holiday or business, providing information on accessible tours, useful tips, museums, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, etc. 



Download free maps and guides to the city to help you plan your trip.

Discover the city's most popular sights and attractions, from one of Europe's largest royal palaces to the magnificent Prado Museum and Real Madrid's stadium. 

  • Get around the city easily, quickly and economically with our tourist travel card which gives unlimited use of all public transport.

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  • Abono Transporte Turístico Madrid
  • Company specialised in leisure and tourism services for persons with disabilities or reduced mobility, as well as the sale and rental of personal mobility products.

    Accessible Madrid
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An observation deck at 92 metres.

Our online store (in Spanish) sells artisan souvenirs.

Guided tours for all ages (in Spanish).