Nightlife: La Latina

  • El Corral de la Morería

La Latina, a large area located in the Central District of Madrid (not to be confused with the Latina District on the other side of the Manzanares River) seems lively at any time of the day, especially during sunny mornings and afternoons, when its terraces and tapas bars are full of activity. For many people, this is just the start of the fun to be had here, which continues late into the night in its many bars, clubs and flamenco 'tablao' venues.

One of this district's most emblematic and veteran venues is the charismatic Berlín Cabaret, which is particularly fun from Monday to Thursday, when it unleashes a wave of fantasy with its provocative shows.

Also worth a visit is the Contraclub, which offers live music ranging from charity gigs to varied styles such as jazz, hip-hop and flamenco. Those seeking more commercial and popular music should head on down to Shoko Madrid, a large club spread over two floors, which is very popular for putting on events. Other great music venues include Hangar 48El Sótano. and Marula Club Madrid, with house, funk, disco, and African American music sessions, as well as a variety of concerts.

Shoko Madrid

For fans of smaller more intimate shows, El Rincón del Arte Nuevo offers stand-up comedy and gigs by singer-songwriters in a small café, where you can also order something light to eat.

Another of this district’s appeals is its offering of flamenco, with several venues dedicated to this genre. One of the city and indeed the world's best flamenco 'tablao' venues is El Corral de la Morería, also has a quality gastronomic proposal awarded with a Michelin Star. Since it opened back in 1956, some of the best flamenco dancers have trodden the boards here, and audience members have included Hollywood stars, presidents and even royalty. La Cueva de Lola restaurant, which offers flamenco shows, can also be visited.

For decades Madrid has been one of the world's most open cities to diversity. Anywhere in La Latina can be welcoming to LGTBI people, and in fact its streets are even known as Little Chueca. Some of the most famous venues in terms of respecting diverse sexualities are Sixta and El Perla, a small tapas bar that of an evening is transformed with music and drinks. Other classics of the area that cannot be missed are El Viajero, BonannoDelic and La Cabra en el Tejado where you can enjoy all kinds of tapas, including French, Oriental, and Spanish.

It is worth mentioning that in the summer, with the arrival of the Festivals of La Paloma and San Isidro, the nights of the La Latina neighborhood become a real outdoor party full of color and activities.



Legendary venues sit cheek by jowl with nightclubs in this major LGTBIQA+ hotspot that is always open to fun and respect.

The Literary Quarter does not rest on any day of the week. Here, you will find a plan, whatever your age, style or favourite pastime.  

A neighbourhood that has marked the Madrid nightlife, cradle of the famous ‘Madrid Movement’ of the 1980s and eternal refuge for all types of nocturnal fauna.

Night-life with a youthful and free and easy atmosphere, with a varied night and musical offer for all pockets.

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