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In the open air or in renowned cultural centres, town museums and churches, there are lots of activities to do for zero euros. Local, national and international works of art can be seen in Madrid without paying a dime. Check out our guide to free museums, cultural centres and events and don’t miss a thing!

Calle Ferraz, 1

Glorieta San Antonio de la Florida, 5

Calle Conde Duque, 9

Paseo de Recoletos, 20 - 22

Calle de Fuencarral, 3

Calle de Castelló, 77

Calle Mateo Inurria, 2

Ronda de Valencia, 2

Calle Preciados, 28

Calle de Alcalá, 49

Calle de Cervantes, 11

Calle Mayor, 69

Plaza de la Cibeles, 2

Calle Alcalá, 44

Avenida de México (Parque del Retiro entrada por la Puerta de la Independencia), s/n

Calle de Alcalá, 62

Plaza de la Independencia, 7

Paseo de Puerta del Angel, 1

Avenida Pablo Iglesias, 9

Calle Bailén, 2

Paseo Virgen del Puerto, s/n

Puente de Segovia, s/n

Paseo de la Chopera, 14

Plaza de las Cortes, s/n

Calle Bailén, 10

Calle de Benjamín Palencia, 2

Calle Conde Duque, 11

Calle Embajadores, 51

Paseo República de Panamá, 1

Calle Doctor Esquerdo, 36

Calle Fuencarral, 78

Calle de Rios Rosas, 23

Paseo del Prado, 5

Calle La Coruña, 18

Calle Mayor, 48


Free-admission days and hours for state-owned museums and other tourist attractions

Money-saving tips for visiting Madrid. Film, art and nature at affordable prices

What's on for kids
  • In the Espacio Fundación Telefónica you can find this unique collection that traces the history of telecommunications.

    The History of Telecommunications
  • The largest musical production ever seen in Spain. Over 85 million people around the world (Teatro Lope de Vega. Tuesdays to Sundays).

    The Lion King (El Rey León)
  • A museum in the Malasaña district showing the largest collection of robots in Europe.

    The Robot Museum
  • Historia de las telecomunicaciones
  • El Rey León
  • museum robot 1


Make your way up to the observation deck for stunning views of the city.

Climb on board and discover the city in a panoramic format.

There are all kinds of things to do in Madrid, but some of them are not to be missed! Find out more!

  • Take a peek at our selection of the most important events taking place this year and start planning your next visit!

    2018 Events Calendar
  • Tamara de Lempicka