Madrid Events Calendar: 2021

  • Reencuentro

An exhibition of 50 pieces that brings us closer to the artistic universe of one of the most influential creators in recent years (Círculo de Bellas Artes. 3 Dec-9 May).

A 12-metre high sculpture by the artist from Barcelona rests on the pedestal on which the statue of the Genoese navigator used to stand (Plaza de Colón. Till December 2021).

The museum has reopened to the public with a unique exhibition which sees its most iconic artworks displayed together for the first time (Prado Museum - Central Gallery. Till 25 July).

The museum offers the opportunity to see the five paintings by El Greco which are preserved in the Illescas Sanctuary of Our Lady of Charity in Toledo (Prado Museum. Till 30 May).

Guillermo Santomà proposes a work that calls for new ritual processes (Intermediae - Matadero Madrid. Till 30 June).

National Heritage pays tribute to the Italian painter and architect, Rafael Sanzio, on the 5th centenary of his death, which is being celebrated in 2020 (Gallery at the Royal Palace. Till 4 July).

An exhibition that seeks to spread the plastic work of the Argentinean artist in Europe (Reina Sofia Museum. 16 Dec-12 Apr).

Exhibition of unpublished material and original frames from the history of Spanish animation film (Imprenta Municipal-Artes del Libro. Till 13 April).

A cycle of five events with three solo exhibitions and two artistic dialogues (La Casa Encendida. Till 9 January 2022).

First European solo exhibition by the Japanese photographer, providing a full review of her work until the present day (Mapfre Foundation. Recoletos Exhibition Hall. 9 Feb-9 May).

An exhibition that reviews the work by the famous Russian painter (Mapfre Foundation. Recoletos Exhibition Hall. 11 Feb-9 May).

The artist’s first exhibition in Spain, featuring a journey around his creative universe through seven audiovisual installations (Espacio Telefónica Foundation. Till 25 July).

Small format exhibition that brings together a series of works by the painter from Segovia based on the Dutch artist (Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum. Till 9 May).

An exhibition that vindicates the splendour of science and engineering in the Habsburgs Court (San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts. 16 Feb-16 May).

A collective exhibition of audiovisual works on the perspective of the marginalised (CentroCentro. Till 30 May).

The museum is extending the exhibition devoted to its founder through portraits by the British painter, Lucian Freud (Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum. Till 31 December).

A retrospective devoted to the French architect with his most outstanding pieces (CaixaForum Madrid. 4 Mar-13 Jun).

Publishing designs, posters and exhibition catalogues from 1930 to 2015 by one of the pre-eminent abstract-geometric artists of the second half of the 20th century (Reina Sofía Museum - Nouvel Building, Library and Documentation Centre, Space D. 12 Mar-11 Jun).

An exhibition that pays tribute to this benefactor, who has enabled the Museum to acquire many paintings from different periods (Prado Museum. 23 Mar-24 Oct).

An exhibition of the artist's book by the Israeli creator about time and writing (National Library. 24 Mar-3 Jul).

A journey through Moroccan art, revolving around three historic moments, which throw light on the cultural context and its cultural, historic and social path (Reina Sofia Museum. 31 Mar-27 Sept).

Exhibition about the director's creative universe related to dance based on his personal archive (Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa. 1 Apr-30 May).

A special opportunity to enjoy Goya’s drawing Coche barato y tapado (Cerralbo Museum. Till 18 April).

The first monographic exhibition in Spain by the Swedish artist with a series of her textiles (Reina Sofia Museum. 7 Apr-16 Aug).

A selection of twenty works, which include German and Dutch goldsmith’s work from the 16th and 17th centuries and sculptures from the Italian and German Renaissance (Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum. 12 Apr-23 Jan 2022).

First retrospective in Spain devoted to one of the foremost representatives of 20th century North American art (Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum. 20 Apr-8 Aug).

An exhibition that questions art spaces as public spaces par excellence (The Glass Palace. 22 Apr-29 Aug).

A timeless exhibition that looks at how the human being portrays itself (CaixaForum Madrid. 28 Apr-16 Jan 2022).

Exhibition by the Swiss artist that brings together a series of Jamaican wood sculptures carved with a chainsaw (Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum. 11 May-22 Aug).

The most exclusive interior design exhibition in Europe is back with its 56th edition in a safe and responsible way, visiting the Casa de Tomás Allende (Plaza de Canalejas 3. 13 May-27 Jun).

The much awaited return of one of the museum’s most emblematic works (Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum. 17 May-1 Nov).

An exhibition that reviews the career of this surrealist photographer, one of the founders of modern photography (Mapfre Foundation. Recoletos Exhibition Hall. 1 Jun-29 Aug).

Exhibition that traces the relationships between the pictorial work of the painter from Catalonia and poetry from diverse points of view (Mapfre Foundation. Recoletos Exhibition Hall. 1 Jun-29 Aug).

The largest and most exhaustive retrospective devoted to the American artist to date (Reina Sofia Museum - Sabatini Building, Floor 1. 2 Jun-27 Sept).

To mark the seventh centenary of the poet’s death, this exhibition is being organised around the Italian poet’s great work: The Divine Comedy (National Library. 30 Jun-3 Oct).

An exhibition that displays the rich artistic heritage form America (Prado Museum. 5 Oct-13 Feb 2022).

The multi-media Lebanese artist has carried out research that will lead to a new artistic work and commission based on the sky and 11-S (Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum. 13 Oct-16 Jan 2022).

A selection of twelve paintings from the 13th and 18th centuries by artists of the likes of Taddeo Gaddi, Fra Angelico, Giambattista Piazzetta or Giacomo Ceruti (Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum. 25 Oct 2021-9 Jan 2022).

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