Top Cultural Centres

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Modern and unique buildings that host cultural programmes for all types of visitors. From exhibitions to projects by artists, presentations, workshops or festivals. These spaces offer endless possibilities, where you will enjoy the complex in itself and its leisure services in the form of terraces with view, gastronomy or very special gardens.  

A stunning cultural centre hosting myriad activities and boasting some of the best views in Madrid.

The city's old slaughterhouse, at Madrid Rio, has been transformed into a cultural megacomplex.

A former army barracks turned into one of the city's most popular cultural centres.

Where Calle Alcalá and Gran Vía meet, there stands this monumental building, offering one of the finest views of Madrid.

The most Vanguardist artistic expressions meet in this Neo-Moorish building in Lavapiés.

This vibrant cultural centre is famous for its temporary exhibitions and its amazing vertical garden.

Section devoted to photography at the Mapfre Foundation in the Art Walk. CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

Located on one side of the Art Walk, it is an unquestionable reference for cultural proposals in the capital city.

Past, present and future come together in one of the most outstanding buildings in the Sol / Gran Vía area.

Located on the northern end of Paseo de la Castellano, this small exhibition hall hosts free exhibitions all year round.

This active, family-run cultural heritage institution produces exhibitions as well as concerts and lecture series. 

A multifunctional and modern complex for the citizen, dedicated to architecture.

Located in Plaza de Colón, this cultural centre holds diverse cultural activities and theatre shows.

The Madrid avant-garde has taken hold in this space, which radiates artistic innovation.

Contemporary art cultural space in Fuencarral, second headquarters of the La Neomudéjar Museum.


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An observation deck at 92 metres.

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