It's Christmas time!

  • Puerta del Sol Navidad 2016

Join us in the Puerta de Sol at midnight for your 12 lucky grapes, take your kids to the Three Kings' Parade and enjoy the twinkling Christmas lights as you stroll around the city. Celebrate with us the most wonderful time of the year!


Make your way up to the observation deck of the former transmissions tower and enjoy a stunning view of the city.

Take in the city's top sights on board our hop on hop off bus, equipped with audio guides in 14 languages.

And get your first 200 Puntos Madrid for Paraíso Festival or for any of the incredible plans awaiting you in May.

  • Join Madrileños in Puerta del Sol at midnight for your 12 lucky grapes, watch the Three Kings parade through the city, take part in the San Silvestre Run on the last day of the year, and fill up on delicious Christmas treats!

    A Madrid-style Christmas
  • Luces de Navidad / Gran Vía
  • Madrid has lots of activities for children. Check out our suggestions to make the most of your great family holiday.

    Madrid for Kids
  • Con niños... en otoño e invierno