Nightlife: Salamanca Neighbourhood

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This area is not only known for its shopping on the Golden Mile or its beautiful mansions, but also for its elegant nightlife, which allow you to have dinner in one of the most sophisticated restaurants in the city to having a drink in a trendy nightspot.  

The Salamanca neighbourhood lies between the Paseo de la Castellana and Calles O´Donnell, María de Molina and Francisco Silvela, with popular areas to spend a pleasant evening in Calles Jorge Juan, SerranoGoyaOrtega y Gasset or Juan Bravo. Wine bars, gastro-bars, trendy spots, terraces, after-work places… The most innovative is possible in this fashionable neighbourhood.

If you wish to start the evening in a more relaxed way and with a spot of culture, there are several options. For example, go to one of the concerts at the WiZink Center or enjoy a play at the Nuevo Teatro Alcalá.

Before night falls, it is always a good idea to go to one of the trendiest places in the neighbourhood. One of the best known places is Platea, the largest culinary-leisure centre in Europe. However, there are other alternatives, such as  watching the sunset on the H10 Puerta de Alcalá terrace, enjoying the personalised service at the clandestine Patio del Fisgón or trying new healthy flavours at the botanical cocktail bar, Huerta de Carabaña.

Those looking for an unforgettable night out have it easy in the Salamanca neighbourhood thanks to its wide variety of fine restaurants with creative cuisine and flavours from all over the world.  The famous StreetXO by David Muñoz at El Corte Inglés in Serrano and his reinterpretation of the  Asian food stalls, Tandoori Station as a way of travelling to India, Tepic with its authentic Mexican cuisine, Numa Pompilio and its refined Italian cuisine, La Colonial de Goya and its canapés prepared there and then, Shalakabula, Ten con Ten, Estay, St. James Ortega y Gasset… Many of these restaurants, like at the popular Amazónico and its The Jungle Club propose continuing the night after dinner in spaces in which the rhythms of jazz, blues, soul, funk or even buleria  are the main feature

Food lovers will be delighted to go to one of the Michelin star restaurants in the area, such as Ramón Freixa, Álbora, A´Barra, Kabuki Wellington or Punto MX.

Going Out

What about going out and socialising? The Salamanca neighbourhood also has a lot to offer in this aspect with all types of establishments with the most varied atmospheres and sounds, where it is also possible to come across someone famous. To enjoy Madrid nightlife to the maximum, there are famous discos, such as the Gabana, La Posada de las Ánimas, La Flaca, Graf Madrid or clubs, such as Eccola or Serrano 41, one of the most elegant and popular discos in the capital. To experience the art of cocktails, don’t miss places like the DRY Martini Bar. And if you are looking for something different, you can always go to places like Almonte or the elegant karaoke, Elitte Piano-Bar.

At certain times of the year, the Salamanca neighbourhood also surprises with original events. This is the case of the Vogue Fashion´s Night Out, which has been held for several years in September. It is an evening of shopping in style, which brings together VIPs and hundreds of shops of the leading brands open their doors, whilst fashion shows, prize draws and live music are organised… It is also becoming more and more common to find ephemeral shops that last a few days and which organise events and samplings in mansions, art galleries, boutiques, etc.

The night in the Salamanca neighbourhood can also end without losing this elegant touch, reserving a room at one of the hotels in the area, offering the utmost in comfort, such as the Wellington, the Único or the Villa Magna.



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