Escape Rooms

  • Fox in a Box (Cuesta de Santo Domingo)

Also known as escape games or locked room adventures, escape rooms have taken the world by storm. The premise is simple: you and a small group of friends (usually between 3 and 5 people) have 60 minutes to escape a locked room by solving a series of puzzles and cyphers. All you need for the challenge is to get your brain in gear and choose your teammates wisely!
Here are some of the best escape rooms in Madrid to pique your interest:




With two separate venues, it offers a total of five missions, including: the Bunker, where you have an hour to stop World War 3 from breaking out, and the Zombie Laboratory where you form part of a group of scientists desperate to quash a zombie threat in less than 60 minutes (the ideal option for more expert players).

Cuesta Santo Domingo, 24 (Centro District). Metro: Santo Domingo (L2)
Calle Infantas, 25 (Centro District). Metro: Chueca (L5)

The first escape room to appear in Madrid (it opened its doors back in 2013) offers two missions with varying difficulty levels: Experiment Number 5 for beginners and Passage Number 9 for more seasoned players.

Calle Manzana, 15 (Centro District). Metro: Plaza de España (L2)

As its name suggests, you and your companions will have to cudgel your brains to stop the most dangerous prisoner at Black Island Prison from getting out or pit your skills against tough challenges to prove that you are a worthy successor to the great magician Raymond.

Calle Encomienda, 12 (Centro District) Metro: La Latina (L5)

Work against the clock to stop a dubious art merchant from leaving the country with valuable artworks, find the impossible exams of an eccentric professor, form part of a group of activists trying to stop the execution of an inmate on death row, or do what’s in your hands to save the world from destruction! All the games can be played in Spanish or English and you can book two identical rooms and play in battle mode.

Calle de Caracas, 15 (Chamberí District). Metro: Alonso Martínez (L4, L5, L10)

The tasks here are far from simple. You will need to locate the secret formula of a substance created by a mad scientist, find your way out of a pyramid or lay your hands on the code that will allow you to deactivate the missiles stolen by a terrorist cell. Your group can split into two and play head to head in identical rooms.​

Calle de Orense, 4 (Tetuán District). Metro: Nuevos Ministerios (L6, L8, L10)

Big Brother (1984), Terrible Circus and Heaven & Hell are the names of the three adventures you can embark on here. If you have a big group you can also take part in face-off competition: a head-to-head battle between 2 teams in a race against time. 

Calle Encomienda, 21 / Calle Amparo, 32 (Arganzuela District) . Metro: La Latina (L5) 

Help a prestigious biologist steal the formula for the elixir of life, find and deactivate a bomb to ensure no one is hurt and valuable documents are not lost forever, or escape from the clutches of a dangerous kidnapper.

Plaza Condesa de Gavia, 3 (Tetuán District). Metro: Cuatro Caminos (L1, L2, L6)

This venue offers a slightly different experience: immersive theatre in which you interact with actors and have to combine your skills with those of the other spectators-cum-players to avoid being devoured by The Creature.

Paseo de la Esperanza, 16-18 (Arganzuela District). Metro: Embajadores (L3, L5)

Three different scenarios: Casanova’s Escape, in which you will have to recover some top-secret documents before the police arrives; The Mystery of Chapter 43, where you have 60 minutes to find a missing part of Cervantes’ Don Quixote; and a state-of-the-art room known as Behind the Mirror that doesn’t even have locks and allows up to 12 players. All missions can be played in competitive mode.

Calle Fernández de los Ríos, 70 (Chamberí District). Metro: Moncloa (L6, L3)

If you are looking for a mission bang in the centre of Madrid, this is your place. Located on Gran Vía avenue, it offers two tasks: White&Black (which has two identical rooms so you can play against your friends) and the Haunted Prison, where you have been unfairly incarcerated and must find a way to escape.

Gran Vía, 16 (Centro District). Metro: Gran Vía (L1, L5) 


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