Nightlife: Princesa

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This is Madrid's ultimate student area, where the majority of its colleges and halls of residence are located. So it's easy to find a wide variety of nightlife to cater to youngsters, relaxed bars and clubs that play all kinds of sounds such as EDM, rock, heavy metal, pop and Latino music, offering good vibes all round.

Several metro stops will take you to this part of Madrid to enjoy its nightlife: Plaza de España, Ventura Rodríguez, Argüelles, Moncloa, Metropolitano and Guzmán el Bueno.

If you plan to start the night by relaxing as the sun sets in the warmer months, the top floor of the Hotel Exe Moncloa is home to Terraza de Poniente, with spectacular views of the Sierra de Guadarrama and a fantastic chill-out area.

You can also enjoy the sun going down in some of Madrid's most special places: the famous Debod Temple, where you can have dinner, and then later on enjoy a little something in any of the surrounding restaurants, including the Mexican La Malquerida. Other trendy restaurants include Casa Mono with its New York look and feel, Goiko Grill and its delicious hamburgers, Gastrobar Rosales and Punto Básico, which serves Mediterranean cuisine or Pituca Lounge by Pintor Rosales, with an extensive list of cocktails. Foodies should consider starting the evening by treating themselves at El Club Allard, which won a Michelin star in the 2024 edition of the prestigious guide. But the favourite way locals start the evening is by meeting up with friends to enjoy drinks and tapas. Another of the city’s hottest spots is Bloom, a gastrobar owned by Salvador Bachiller, which has become the most flowery and romantic restaurant in Madrid. 

Goiko Grill

When it comes to going out on the town, there are several places to choose from. As in most places in Madrid, some venues in Princesa close between 2am and 4m, whereas others keep going right through to the morning, particularly from Thursdays to Saturday.

Fans of electronic music should head to Pirandello I-II-III, located less than five minutes from Plaza España on the corner of Calle Martín de los Heros 14 and Calle Ventura Rodriguez 7.

Carola Morena is a new nightclub and cultural venue, equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, located in the Príncipe Pío train station. There is also the Fitz Club Madrid, a new venue inspired by the writer F. Scott Fitzgerald and the clubs and parties of the Roaring Twenties; and DRY Martini Madrid - THE BAR by barman Javier de las Muelas, a world reference in the art of cocktails, which is now located in the Casa Gallardo building.

On the ground floor of Madrid’s Barceló Torre hotel is Garra Bar, a cocktail bar that serves a wide array of delicious cocktails, and right by the Sabatini Gardens is Las Tablas, a restaurant and venue with the largest flamenco stage in Madrid.

On the other hand, located in the Moncloa district, at calle Julián Romea, 4, is the Sala Cats, a meeting point for university students with theme parties and music ranging from house to reggaeton by the hand of its resident DJ Willy Alcocer. Also very popular is the bar club LaSal, with its commercial music. The clandestine club Uñas Chung Lee is worth mentioning, with shows inspired by the Far East, and a varied musical proposal and a futuristic Asian aesthetic.

Uñas Chung Lee

Those who prefer rock, punk or heavy metal should head for the area known as Bajos de Argüelles. More options to enjoy the night? Chapandaz where you could try its famous panther milk if you dare, Copérnico with live music + DJ sessions, the refurbished Mon Madrid and the Gotham club with its ultra urban vibe. A little further out, in the area of Príncipe Pío, Colonial Norte is a club that is also very popular with the younger crowd.

Close to Calle Princesa, in the Conde Duque area, you can visit MÜR Café, the ideal place to celebrate the weekend with an excellent  brunch thanks to the range of sweet and savoury options.



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