Five Star Hotels

  • Westin Palace

Situated within walking distance of shopping centres and financial hubs, the best hotels in Madrid bring guests closer to luxury and comfort. Personalised hotel guest service, à-la-carte pillows, whirlpool tubs in the room and free tours of the city by car are some of the fantastic benefits you get at Madrid’s top-end accommodations.


A striking hotel for its cutting-edge interior design, the work of leading architects and artists.


A sophisticated city hotel on Paseo de la Castellana.

An emblem of high luxury in Europe, the Westin Palace is only a short distance from the capital’s main museums.

An elegant 5-star hotel based in a charming 19th century building opposite El Retiro park.

A Belle Époque building in Madrid “Art Triangle” that has accommodated leading figures throughout its history. (CLOSED FOR REFURBISHMENT FROM 28TH FEBRUARY 2018)

A majestic Parisian style building with enclosed garden near Paseo de La Castellana

A nineteenth-century palace in the heart of Hapsburg Madrid, near the Royal Palace and the Opera House.

Set in the heart of the Literary Quarter, this luxury hotel combines light spaces with minimalist design.

This hotel where Hemingway once stayed is a modern space, centrally located and with marvellous views.

On the Art Walk, this hotel offers a 19th century atmosphere with many modern details.

Five star hotel located in one of the capital’s most emblematic buildings: Torre de Madrid. 

The first five-star hotel in Madrid, designed in collaboration with its future guests.

Luxury hotel in a fantastic setting in the centre of Madrid, ideal both for business and for exploring the city.

A prestigious and palatial hotel, offering luxury accommodation in 19th century style.

A five star hotel on the “Golden Mile” providing a haven of luxury, comfort and fine food.

Spectacular views, elegance and luxury for enjoying a stay in exquisite surroundings high on the Madrid skyline.

A comfortable hotel near Madrid’s financial heart and fully equipped for business travellers.

A grand luxury hotel that’s also cosmopolitan, cutting-edge and with elegant Art deco themed interior design.

This hotel in the centre of Madrid’s “Golden Mile” occupies a 19th century palace.

Set in a fantastic location in the Salamanca district, the Villa Magna is the embodiment of grand luxury, charm and comfort.

Boutique Hotel overlooking the Gran Vía in Madrid from one of the most emblematic buildings in this area

An unusual mansion built in the early 20th century with magnificent views over Retiro Park

Exclusive luxurious accommodation located in one of the most representative buildings in the heart of Madrid.

First 5-star boutique hotel located in the area of Chamberí, just a stone's throw from the bustling streets of Chueca.

A luxury hotel in the Salamanca district with all the comfort and convenience needed for satisfying the most demanding guests.

Grand luxury hotel with an aristocratic air and sophisticated classic decor.

This hotel on the site of an 18th century mansion on Paseo de la Castellana is ideal for business travellers.

Villa Real is an exquisite 5-star luxury hotel set in the heart of Madrid, in Plaza de las Cortes.


Five-star hotel in the perfect location to explore Madrid and enjoy its culture and entertainment.



Five-star hotel from whose terrace amazing views over Madrid can be enjoyed.  


The oldest luxury hotel in Madrid reopens in the heart of the Literary Quarter.


Avant-garde 5-star hotel that combines design, music and art, close to the Chamartín station.


The most decadent luxury in the heart of Salamanca neighborhood

Luxury five-star hotel with Mario Sandoval at the helm of its restaurant.


Download free maps and guides to the city to help you plan your trip.

Discover the city's most popular sights and attractions, from one of Europe's largest royal palaces to the magnificent Prado Museum and Real Madrid's stadium. 

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  •  David Arauz 99 KŌ SUSHI BAR
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  • LUZIA - Cirque du Soleil
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  • Abono Transporte Turístico Madrid
  • Find out why Spaniards tend to eat later than the rest of the continent, when it's traditional to munch on a "saint's bones" and where you take in a flamenco show with a drink or a meal

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  • Hop onto a train or bus and leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind.

    Day Trips
  • Catedral de Toledo
  • Don’t miss the weekly Changing of the Guard (held every Weds and Sat) and the Solemn Change, which takes place on the first Wednesday of each month (SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE TO AVOID THE SPREAD OF CORONAVIRUS).

    Changing the Guard at the Royal Palace
  • Relevo solemne de la Guardia Real
  • Grapes in Puerta del Sol, cocido (chickpea stew), traditional tablaos (flamenco clubs)… When in Madrid, do as Madrileños do.

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  • Rembrandt, Vampires, Rodin-Giacometti, Richard Learoyd, Delibes, Katz, Magritte, PHotoEspaña...

    Unmissable exhibitions in 2020
  • Piet Mondrian, Composición con rojo, negro, amarillo y gris, 1921. Óleo sobre lienzo, 39,5 x 35 cm, Kunstmuseum Den Haag © Mondrian // Holtzman Trust
  • Spend a night fit for a king in one of the city's palaces-turned-hotels.

    Palatial Hotels
  • Hoteles que son palacios
  • Outdoor pools are an added attraction when it comes to choosing summer accommodation.

    City Hotels with a Pool


Make your way up to the observation deck for some stunning views.

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