Urban Hotels with a Pool

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Staying at a hotel with an outdoor pool where you can relax and unwind in the summer season is a great option when you're visiting Madrid. If the hotel is near the capital's most interesting tourist locations, you're in for a treat.

Plaza Pedro Zerolo , 12

Calle Gran Vía, 53

Carrera San Jerónimo, 34

Calle San Bernardo, 1

Calle Biarritz, 2

Calle Velázquez, 8

Calle General Varela, 37

Calle Capitán Haya, 43

Calle Alfredo Marqueríe, 43

Avenida De la Hispanidad, 2-4

Calle Amador de los Ríos, 3

Calle Santa Leonor, 24

Calle del Arte, 14

Avenida Aragón, 332

Calle Piragua, 1

Avenida Logroño, 305

Calle Martina Díaz, 4

Avenida Capital de España, 10

Calle Alcalá, 611

Calle María Tubau, 16

Avenida Aragón, 402


From one of the largest Royal Palaces in Europe to Real Madrid's stadium, discover the city's most popular sights and attractions.

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