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Madrid is a heaven for shoppers where you can find shops by the world’s chicest brands. Shop windows glittering with sophisticated jewels, clothes and accessories attract hundreds of visitors every year.


A tour for luxury shoppers in Madrid should always include LOEWE, a local firm whose bags have hung from the arms of celebs since the nineteenth century. The shop on Gran Vía (Gran Vía, 8) is a getaway to the exquisite taste of bygone days, while the newly opened in Barrio de Salamanca (Serrano, 34) stands out for its design. Look out for the Amazona bag – now a classic – or check the leather and fur accessories.

In the heart of the historic district, just off the Royal Palace, Lepanto sells its own handicraft leather bags and accessories, as well as items from multiple brands: bags and accessories, watches and jewellery, and high-end luxury porcelain from Spanish and international firms.

Seseña (Calle de la Cruz, 23) is one of the few firms still specialising in capes. They’re synonymous with tradition and luxury in Madrid. Their capes have been on the shoulders of the likes of Pablo Picasso, Luis Buñuel, Ernest Hemingway, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen or Hillary Clinton. Established in 1901, they’ve known how to keep up with the times, introducing the latest trends in their collections.

If you think diamonds are a girl’s best friend, you should come to Durán (Goya, 19), supplying jewellery to the Royal Household since 1899. Yanes is also a good choice –a family of jewellers who’ve been cutting gems and casting precious metals for more than 125 years. Their headquarters on 27 Goya Street showcase a fine collection of classic pieces. Younger generations can come to Aristocrazy (Serrano, 46), where Juan Suárez offers the latest trends in jewel design.

If there’s an item no luxury haul from Madrid can miss, that’s the Manila shawl. These embroidered silk shawls can be really high-priced. To avoid fakes and shop safely, you should find a specialist. Borca (Marqués Viudo de Pontejos, 2) has been selling Manila shawls for centuries.

For elegant gentlemen, Madrid has Yusty (Serrano, 56). They’ve been tailoring suits for noblemen, businessmen and politicians since 1914. Today you can find both tailored items, made after the finest English and Italian traditions, as well as clothes from exclusive brands. To complete your outfit, you can get a pair of handmade shoes at Glent (Jorge Juan, 14) – and maybe spot former the Emeritus King Juan Carlos – or at Carmina (Claudio Coello, 73), a Madrid-based shoemaker from Majorca.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for luxury souvenirs, you should take a look at the guitars they make at Felipe Conde (Arrieta, 4), a family of luthiers making string instruments whom Paco de Lucía considered as artists and friends. They’re a favourite with guitar players, drawing international visitors like Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, and others.


In addition to the local iconic brands above, Madrid is home to the most renowned Spanish firms: Ailanto (Orellana, 14, Basque fashion designers established in Barcelona), Balenciaga (Lagasca, 75; clothes and bags from the firm founded by the famous designer from Gipúzcoa), Manolo Blahnik (Serrano, 58; shoes by the designer from the Canary Islands), Lladró (Serrano, 68; porcelain figurines made in Valencia), Suárez (Serrano, 63; fine jewellery from the firm founded in Bilbao) and Rabat (Serrano, 32; fine jewellery from Catalonia). A panoply of options for the best retail therapy. The Spanish jewellery, accessories and fashion firm Tous (Gran Via, 38); the Sargadelos brand (Narváez, 6) for handicrafts, jewellery and also for home and decoration; Castañer (Claudio Coello, 51) specialising in esparto espadrilles and footwear in general; and Eduardo Rivera, who not only sells clothes, but also decorative elements and accessories such as jewellery, handbags, watches, glasses, footwear and books.


Of course, in Madrid you can also find the world’s top luxury brands: Chanel (Ortega y Gasset, 16), Dior (Ortega y Gasset, 6), Yves Saint-Laurent (Serrano, 34), Louis Vuitton (Serrano, 66), Prada (Serrano, 26) , Hermès (Ortega y Gasset, 12), Gucci (Serrano, 49), Armani (Serrano, 44), Tiffany & Co. (Ortega y Gasset, 10), Chopard (Serrano, 51), Dolce & Gabbana (Jose Ortega y Gasset, 14); Bvlgari (José Ortega y Gasset, 17), Valentino (José Ortega y Gasset, 16),  and many others have established shops in the Spanish capital. Most of them can be found along Serrano, Ortega y Gasset, and other adjoining streets in Barrio de Salamanca.


Foodies will be in their element in Madrid. Some establishments are famous for a single item, as is the case of La Melguiza (now revamped and offering an equally good yet more diversified menu) and saffron, or Casa Mira and turrón or nougat (Carrera de San Jerónimo, 30). In others, you can try what you buy on site; for instance, Ultramarinos Quintín (Jorge Juan, 17) or Joselito’s (Velázquez, 30), a modern charcuterie serving the ‘best cured ham in the world’, featuring two dining areas in addition to the take-away facilities. And if you’re having delicatessen for lunch or dinner, nothing better than a fine wine to wash them down. You can buy your wine at Lavinia (Ortega y Gasset, 16), which sells a wide range of Spanish and international spirits.



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