A Weekend Shopping in Madrid

  •  Fin de semana de compras en Madrid
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  •  Fin de semana de compras en Madrid
  • Madrid renueva tu armario

Do you want to give your wardrobe a new look? Do you want to have a fun weekend out shopping to show off this season’s latest trends? You don’t care how much money you spend or are you on a tight budget? Madrid has a solution for all budgets and, as far as fashion is concerned,  there is something for everybody. We will give you some ideas so you can chose what you want and need. And if you are a fan of Spanish fashion, even better.


It is a must for all the luxury lovers that come to Madrid. The Madrid-based luxury fashion house that deals mainly in leather products is a required visit for the tourists who want to take something to show off with.

Their flagship store that oozes glamour and allure is located at Gran Vía, 8, but the one located in Salamanca neighborhood (Serrano, 34) doesn’t lag behind. They are famous for their leather products.

Felipe Varela

If you are not on a tight budget, make sure you visit Felipe Varela’s store, also in Salamanca district. It is located on 30 José Ortega y Gasset Street and apart from couture fashion they also carry bags, shoes and accessories.

He is Queen Letizia’s favorite designer. To get an idea of the prices, a jacket can cost around 700 euro and a more elegant design can come close to 3,000 euro. One of the designer’s muses is Martina Klein.

Felipe Varela

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada

If you love color and fun designs, you should visit Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada’s store on 27 Serrano Street. You will love her fun, cheerful and a little bit extravagant designs that have made her fashion famous worldwide.

She makes designs with hearts, flowers, clouds, drops of water... all with a lot of color. Her clothes have become so popular, that she also started designing sheets, plates, stationery, backpacks, towels, etc.

Pedro del Hierro

If you are looking for good quality made for a wider audience, we recommend Pedro del Hierro, a Madrid-based designer who has brought high-end-like fashion to the ordinary people and also included sports and casual lines.

His party dresses with a very simple, but sophisticated design have made him very famous. He has two stores on Serrano Street, but his fashion is also available at Cortefiel stores.

Carolina Herrera

Spanish designer Carolina Herrera is considered a lady of international haute couture and her designs are very famous because of her attention to detail, refined forms and excellent quality of materials she uses.

She is one of the favourite designers in the art world because of her cosmopolitanism. Her stores also sell accessories, bags and perfumes.  


Carolina Herrera

Purificación García

They say that Purificación García is not just a fashion brand, but a life philosophy. Her clothes for women are stylish and elegant and they are perfect for any time of day because she combines comfort and good taste.

The stores also sell accessories like bracelets, hats and bags.  She currently has more than 160 stores worldwide.

La Vaguada Shopping Center

If you prefer to do all of your shopping at one place and where the stores don’t close, we suggest you visit La Vaguada Shopping Center both for its architecture and good connections with the city.

Here you will find the most famous and prestigious fashion brands for all budgets: Mango, H&M, Desigual, Pull & Bear, etc. 

El Corte Inglés

There are department stores deeply connected to the city’s history and they definitely deserve a visit. We are talking about Corte Inglés, an iconic brand of quality and worth, that has stores all around the city (and all around Spain). El Corte Inglés Preciados-Callao located in the centre; El Corte Inglés on Castellana must be highlighted as two of the biggest stores in Madrid, with the presence of special firms, as well as the Outlet Arapiles Commercial Centre.

There was a time when there weren’t as many fashion choices in Spain as there are today and this department store made it possible for the Spanish middle class to dress following the latest fashion trends.


ZARA is another paradise for fashion fans in Spain (and in Madrid). Everybody knows that its founder Amancio Ortega together with his ex-wife Rosalía Mera founded a textile company that became more successful than they ever could have imagined.

It currently has around 2,000 stores all over the world, many of which are located in Madrid.  It offers all of the season’s latest trends at affordable prices.

The revamped Plaza de España now has a Zara store in the lower floors of the España Building, where the Hotel Riu Plaza de España is located.  It is an establishment with a modern atmosphere, spanning a constructed surface area of more than 7,700 m2 and a commercial area of 3,815m2 that is divided into four floors.

Zara - Paseo de la Castellana

El Rastro

If you want to be surprised with alternative offer at bargain prices, on Sunday mornings make sure to head to Madrid’s most popular street market El Rastro. You will not have enough time to see everything, but you will find small clothing stores and alternative stalls where you can find all sorts of items.

You can start at Cascorro square and go down Ribera de Curtidores to Embajadores Street. If you are good at haggling, you are sure to find great deals.

Jorge Juan

And as for men’s fashion, filling your closet is easy if you know where to look. Jorge Juan is one of the main fashion streets in Salamanca neighborhood with numerous men’ fashion stores.

Men can find countless elegant and varied options here, such as Church’s, a luxury English handmade footwear firm dating back more than 150 years.  Produced using the finest and softest leather, each pair of shoes requires between 6 and 8 weeks to be made.

Las Rozas Village

Located just 30 minutes from the centre of Madrid, Las Rozas Village is one of The Bicester Collection’s eleven shopping destinations. It has more than 100 boutiques from leading national and international fashion and lifestyle firms, including Chloé, Ferragamo, Kenzo, Sandro, Hugo Boss, Scalpers, Montblanc or Karl Lagerfeld, with discounts of up to 60% off the original price throughout the year.

Gran Vía

Madrid’s Gran Vía is an avenue spanning 1,300 metres, which is home to some of the most sought after stores in the city.   It is an open-air commercial centre that attracts more than 10 million people each year.  Everything from major franchised chains to international brands can be found there, of which the elegant LOEWE, the jeweller’s, Sanz, the huge PRIMARK store, the official Nike store  or Huawei’s largest store in Europe stand out.

Bimba y Lola

The Spanish firm, Bimba y Lola, occupies an important place in the fashion and accessories sector.  The brand now has more than 250 stores in 14 countries in Europe, America and Asia.

Madrid boasts several of this brand’s stores in the city, particularly the one located in the heart of the Salamanca District and it is also in El Corte Inglés, at Calle Serrano, 22 and at various shopping centres around Madrid, where you can find bags, fashion, shoes, all kinds of accessories and costume jewellery.


The Castañer brand specialises in the traditional production of espadrilles and footwear in general. This brand is often worn by Queen Letizia, Princess Leonor and the Infant Sofia. The company is present in various cities worldwide and its flagship store in Madrid is in Claudio Coello, 51, and it has other establishments in El Corte Inglés on Serrano, El Corte Inglés on Castellana and at Las Rozas Village, among others.

Galería Canalejas

Galería Canalejas is an exclusive shopping centre in the former Equitativa Palace, between Calle Alcalá and Calle Sevilla. It is the new luxury icon in the heart of Madrid where you can find more than 40 boutiques selling fashion, accessories, perfumes and high quality jewellery and watches by the most prestigious luxury firms worldwide, such as Hermès, Cartier or Rolex.

WOW Concept

In the heart of the Gran Vía 18, the WOW Concept mega store, designed as a multi-brand and multi-product commercial centre where articles from hundreds of Internet brands can be found, as well as traditional firms, along with innovative leisure activities and catering facilities.   



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