Out and About Chueca

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Chueca is among the most cosmopolitan neighbourhoods in Madrid. It is livelier, if possible, at night than it is during the day. Traditional bars, pubs playing varied music styles, modern cocktail bars and even some cabaret clubs featuring transvestite performers. There is something for everyone in Chueca.

Calle Barquillo and Calle de Fuencarral mark the eastern and western borders of Barrio de Chueca, while the square bearing the same name (where the Chueca underground station is to be found) and the Plaza Zerolo square provide great meeting points for friends to enjoy the nightlife together in this area of Madrid.

From clubs where you can dance to the beat of disco music to low-key lounges like the rooftop terrace of the popular Room Mate Óscar Hotel – with a pool in the summer – or San Antón Market, open all year round, it’s all here in Chueca.

Guaranteed fun is what you get in a neighbourhood that offers people of all ages entertainment until the small hours, seven days a week. At Chueca, you will find pubs for the younger nighthawks as well as great bars for the over 50s who don’t want to stay home at night.

The range of drink prices runs along the mix of styles. Traditional bars still serve caña y tapa (a beer and a tapa) at very reasonable prices, while cooler bars with a trendy décor are good for the haves.

The modern bar scene and the tolerant attitude go hand in hand on the streets of Chueca, where the rainbow flag has found a place to flutter. Around 28 June, this district makes the perfect stage for one of the biggest festivals in Madrid, attracting people even from other countries – the Gay Pride festival. The lively party that lasts several days, with music performed live in the open air, theatre plays, films, literary events, exhibitions and a big parade along the streets of central Madrid, comes to a close taking over the entire neighbourhood and attracting a sold-out crowd.


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