Shopping: Calle Mayor and Calle del Arenal

  • De compras por Mayor y Arenal
  • De compras por Mayor y Arenal
  • Calle del Arenal, from Puerta del Sol to Plaza de Oriente
  • From the Royal Palace to Plaza Mayor
  • From Plaza Mayor to Puerta del Sol

Arenal is a pedestrian street running from Puerta del Sol to Plaza de Isabel II (Ópera), separated from the majestic Plaza de Oriente by the Teatro Real opera house. It’s lined with interesting shops. Here are a few worth taking a look at, starting at Sol.

  • Pronovias/Rosa Clará (Arenal, 5): Two internationally renowned Spanish bridal fashion firms.
  • Real Madrid CF official store (Arenal, 6).
  • Ferpal (Arenal, 7): A charcuterie offering a fine assortment of hams, cold meats and cheeses from various countries.
  • San Ginés Bookshop (Arenal at Pasaje de San Ginés): An antiquarian bookseller displaying its merchandise outside and thus offering one of the loveliest sights of Madrid since the seventeenth century.
  • Fiambres La Madrileña (Arenal, 18): One of the oldest charcuteries in Madrid, standing here since 1909.
  • Alsina (Bordadores, 7-9): A religious gift store with a long tradition in town. There are other religious shops in the area, like Palomeque (Arenal, 17) or Belloso (Calle Mayor, 23).
  • Monje’s (Arenal, 19): A curious shop for this part of town, selling wigs and toupees.

Without even noticing, you’ll reach Plaza de Isabel II, aka Ópera after the underground station in it. Walk past Teatro Real to enjoy the gardens in Plaza de Oriente. An area that has several shoe shops such as the popular shoe shop Calzados Lobo or the shoe store Lola Rey.



Open-air shopping in the area of Kilometre Zero and Puerta del Sol: An activity to enjoy all year round.

Flowers, crafts, world cuisine, bookshops and coffee shops, a revamped local market and a street market that is 300 years old.

On your way to the Temple of Debod and Faro de Moncloa, you can stop in this area for a little shopping. There are shops for all budgets and tastes.

A refined environment with exclusive shops, where haute couture and men’s wear are the order of the day.

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