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Spain is one of the leading wine producers in the world and the Madrid region has been improving its vintages in recent decades.

There is proof of the existence of wineries and viticulture since the 12th century, although it is known that the Romans took advantage of the Madrid area, in the geographical centre of the Spanish peninsula, to cultivate vines in their maximum splendour and take advantage of these lands which passed through some of the Empire’s main communication routes.

Since 1990, the name of Madrid is the only one of the capitals of the world that gives its name to a Designation of Origin: “Vinos de Madrid” (which already boasts 51 associated wineries)

Today, Madrid produces over 4 million bottles each year, some authentic gems for the palette which are worth tasting. After years of surprises in which experts were amazed to discover that there were vineyards a few kilometres from the big city, production has been earning well deserved respect within our borders and beyond, where medals and distinctions are starting to recognise the task of our climate, soils and professionals.

Some of Madrid’s century-old restaurants have a wine list that enables you to sample a selection of D.O wines from Madrid, as is the case of Malacatín restaurant. Among the places where you can get avant-garde cuisine and a fine selection of regional wines too, there’s DiverXo, the restaurant run by chef David Muñoz.



Savoury dishes and sweets, tapas and local wines. What and where to eat in Madrid.

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