Confectioners' and Chocolate Shops

  • Chocolaterías y bombonerías
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  • Chocolaterías y bombonerías
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Madrid is home to a myriad of chocolate shops and confectioners' offering everything from traditional milk chocolates to outlandish creations you never would have guessed could taste so good! It is also packed with cafés specialising in "chocolate caliente con churros", (very!) rich hot chocolate served with crunchy strips of dough: the perfect way to kick off the day or wind down after a night on the town. 



An old chocolate café that’s part of Madrid’s traditional history and open every single day of the year.

Madrid's oldest 'churrería', now fully refurbished, where you can enjoy breakfast or afternoon tea or coffee.

Shop belonging to the traditional chocolate firm from Alicante, which opens every day of the year alongside the Retiro.

Cafe for chocolate lovers, serving hot chocolate, chocolate sweets and cold drinks.

Savour one of the city’s most popular chocolate with churros alongside thePlaza de Callao.


Cocoa from Venezuelan and Ecuador is the basic ingredient of the chocolates sold in this gourmet shop and café.

The most delicious temptation in the Salamanca district has occupied this premises since 1920

More than 150 years dedicated to artesan creation of delicious caramels in Madrid.

A unique establishment in the heart of Madrid where time seems to have stood still.

A true paradise for fans of chocolate made from a multitude of different cocoa varieties from all over the world.

Cacao is the focus point of the majority of products in this shop, a reference point in the Salamanca neighbourhood.

Oriol Balaguer is a master confectioner trained by Ferran Adrià who has made chocolate the love of his life.

Café and 'churrería' with over 100 years of history and modern touch, located in the centre of Madrid.

Centenary establishment run by the oldest churro family in Madrid.

A café established in 1913 on 190, Bravo Murillo Street. An endless counter and narrow tables to savour churros or porras in the traditional style.

A chain established by master bakers who have been making the best churros and porras for the past 40 years.

Enjoy the traditional Madrid’s chocolate con churros in the heart of Barrio de las Letras.

You can try one of the most delicious chocolate con churros in Madrid in this cafe in Chamartín district.

Enjoy the best churros and porras in this traditional Chamberí located bar that also makes delicious tortilla de patatas.

This bar, which has been standing in the neighbourhood of Prosperidad for the past 25 years, offers the best breakfasts or tea-time meals.

Located in Avenida del Monte Igueldo, 6, this cafeteria founded in 1910 is where some of the best porras (churros) in Madrid are made, accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate.

Traditional centrally located chocolate shop in calle Mayor.


 Savour Madrid’s traditional chocolate and churros in this popular cafeteria in Vallecas.


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