La Nave Sánchez–Ubiría

A space in the district of Ciudad Lineal dedicated to the promotion and support of culture and art.

Habitación Número 34

Unusual cultural space that explores the work of emerging young Spanish artists, both visual and musical, in Usera.

Bank of Spain Exhibition Hall

The headquarters of the Bank of Spain is home to this exhibition hall which displays the artistic collection held by this institution.

Café Naves

Modern café-theatre located in the Naves del Español, in Matadero.

Fundación María Cristina Masaveu Peterson

Visit the foundation’s venue in Madrid and enjoy their wonderful first exhibition: The Masaveu Collection. Spanish Painting from the 19th Century. 


Sala Azca

Exhibition space located inside the shopping centre Moda Shopping, in the Azca area.

Espacio 5.1 (IFEMA MADRID)

Hall located in IFEMA MADRID, which hosts major exhibitions in which spectator immersion and the new technologies are the key feature.



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