La Encina

Performance space that also offers drama classes and room hire, in Arganzuela. 

Real Coliseo de Carlos III

One of Spain’s oldest roofed theatres, located in the municipality of San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

Cines Capitol Gran Vía

Artistic space that hosts theatre productions and film showings. 

Teatro de las Aguas

A multidisciplinary space suitable for all kinds of cultural programmes, courses, events, gatherings and parties.

Theatre for the people

Free plays performed by students from the acting school.

Réplika Teatro

Theatre production, performance, training, and research centre, located in the area of Ciudad Universitaria.

Teatro Lara - Sala Lola Membrives

Alternative theatre space located inside the Teatro Lara.

La corseteria - NTF

A space for theatre research, creation, and training in the district of Lavapiés.

La Belloch

A space for performance construction and creation in the area of Madrid Río.

Estudio 2 Manuel Galiana

Theatre venue and acting school in the district of Arganzuela.


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