El Día y la Noche

The painter and sculptor, Antonio López, is responsible for this sculpture set that represents the passage of time and pays tribute to the victims of the 2004 terrorist attacks at Atocha station.


Barrendero madrileño 1960

Bronze sculpture that pays tribute to the road sweepers in the Plaza de Jacinto Benavente.

Iglesia de San Antón

Church located in the district of Chueca dedicated to the patron saint of animals, San Antonio Abad.

Centro de Estudios Hidrográficos del CEDEX

Designed by Miguel Fisac, this building, located next to Madrid Río, is famous for experimenting with exposed concrete.

Catedral Ortodoxa Rusa de Santa María Magdalena

The headquarters of the Russian Orthodox Church in Madrid, in Hortaleza, has guided visits in Spanish every Saturday.

Torre de San José

Spiral-shaped apartment building located on one of the tallest hills in Vallecas.

Edificio Castellana 81 (Torre BBVA)

Iconic skyscraper of the Madrid skyline, located at the financial district Nuevos Ministerios, declared Cultural Heritage Monument in 2019.

Palacio de la Moncloa

Headquarters of the  Presidency of the Spanish Government and official  residence of the President and his family can be visited upon registration.

Crypt of La Almudena Cathedral

Regarded as the largest crypt in Spain, this peaceful resting place for many of the country's most noble families is home to over 400 unique columns 

Monument to Alfonso XII

This large monument on the popular lake offers great views from the observation deck hidden from sight under the statue of the horse.


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