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Madrid’s nightlife has it all, from pubs, nightclubs and concert halls to karaoke venues. So, will you miss the chance to be the leading star tonight? Choose one of the many karaoke bars in Madrid and have fun!

One of the city’s oldest and most entertaining karaoke places, alongside Plaza de España.

Two floors of karaoke with over 20,000 songs in different languages.

One of Madrid's oldest karaoke bars, located in the area of Huertas, open for over 20 years.

A karaoke bar with two independent rooms that is supposed to be the one with the most English songs in its repertoire.

A relaxed karaoke bar where you can let your hair down to some of its over 22,000 songs.

A karaoke pub ideal for a birthday party or a night out with friends.

Piano bar-restaurant, karaoke and after work drinks in the district of Salamanca

A piano bar to enjoy the night with live music, attended by famous personalities from the city.

The largest nightclub in Madrid and one of the largest in Europe.


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