Cultural Foundations and Exhibition Halls

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There’s more in Madrid for culture vultures than just Paseo del Arte (Art Walk): Paseo de la Castellana accommodates important exhibition halls, many of them run by cultural foundations managed by banks, insurance companies or big corporations. Find some of them below.

This vibrant cultural centre is famous for its temporary exhibitions and its amazing vertical garden.

This centre, in the north of Castellana, has become one of the main exhibition halls in Madrid.

Section devoted to photography at the Mapfre Foundation in the Art Walk.

Located on one side of the Art Walk, it is an unquestionable reference for cultural proposals in the capital city.

Past, present and future come together in one of the most outstanding buildings in the Sol / Gran Vía area.

In the Salamanca District we find this essential institution, which is focused on humanistic and scientific culture.

The old Palacio de Marqués de Salamanca nowhouses cultural facilities hosted by the BBVA Foundation.

Private cultural institution which houses The Martyrdom of St. Andrew painting by Rubens

LASEDE COAM is a multifunctional and modern complex for the citizen, dedicated to architecture.

Contemporary art and photography in an emblematic building by architect Antonio Palacios.

This exhibition space by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport realizes different exhibitions and cultural activities related with architecture.

Founded in 1910, these halls have been the wellspring of a number of great Spanish artists of the 20th century, from Unamuno to Lorca and Dalí.

Inspired by the spirit of the philosopher Ortega y Gasset, the foundation is devoted to the study of the Humanities.

Housed in an old Canal de Isabel II warehouse, this is one of the most emblematic art centres in the city.

First rate art and photography exhibitions are hosted inside this former elevated water deposit.

A unique venue for Ministry of Culture exhibitions and a self-managed collective.

A non-profit organisation devoted to research, education and the preparation of architecture, design and urban development projects.

Headquarters of the Free Learning Institution in the heart of the Chamberí neighbourhood.


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