Madrid Viewpoints

  • Faro de Moncloa

Enjoy the best views. It is easy to make everyone’s dream on arriving in a new city come true in Madrid. There are viewpoints in strategic places, located on historic buildings or in representative areas, from where it is possible to admire the  urban network, the roofs of the old quarter, the open horizon, with the Guadarrama mountains in the background, or, simply, the sky that has been painted so many times by the greatest masters of universal art.  Do you want to know where these special balconies are? Just a tip: Don’t forget your camera! 


Ascending the Moncloa Observation Tower is quite an experience. Take in a whole host of monuments through the huge picture windows.

Where Calle Alcalá and Gran Vía meet, there stands this monumental building, offering one of the finest views of Madrid.

A window into the history of the diocese of Madrid, open to visitors in the Hapsburg tourist area.

A second-century Egyptian temple donated to Spain during the construction of the great Aswan Dam (the inside of the monument is currently closed to visitors).

An incredible sunset can be enjoyed from this popular Latina Park.

One of the best places to watch the sun set in Madrid, known popularly as 'the park of the seven boobs'. 

This polygonal tower in the Hortaleza neighbourhood is a reminder of the vegetable gardens   that surrounded the city.

This natural environment surrounded by the Manzanares in the Usera area is ideal for leisure and recreation.

After a long day touring the city, relax on a terrace with a drink or a meal and watch the sun set.

Viewing point located on the eighth floor of the Cibeles Palace, from where you can enjoy one of the best views of the city (The CentroCentro observation point will be closed due to restoration works being carried out on the front of the building as of 26th February).

  • Enjoy Madrid while going off the beaten track: get a tattoo, visit a haberdasher’s, have a plate of cocido, take a nap… All power to the imagination!

    Unique romantic getaways
  • Escapada romántico


Make your way up to the observation deck for stunning views of the city.

Climb on board and discover the city in a panoramic format.

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