• Faro de Moncloa. Verano 2023. Foto: Alváro López del Cerro © Madrid Destino

Don’t forget to bring your camera and enjoy the best views! This wish that everyone shares  when they arrive in a new city  can come true easily in Madrid. There are viewpoints in strategic places, inside historic buildings or in representative areas, from which it is possible to contemplate the urban framework, the roofs of the old quarter, the open horizon, with the backdrop of the Guadarrama  Sierra, or simply, the sky that has so often been painted by the great maestros of the universal art. Do you want to know where these special balconies are?

Between the Royal Palace and La Almudena Cathedral, this observation deck offers wonderful vistas of the Casa de Campo and Campo del Moro parks.

Enjoy wonderful vistas of the city from this observation deck. Open Tues-Sun (except for special dates). Don't miss the souvenir store!

Great observation deck at Cibeles Palace, from which you can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the city. 

Where Calle de Alcalá and Gran Vía meet, here stands this monumental building offering one of the finest views of Madrid.

After a long day touring the city, relax on a terrace with a drink or a meal and watch the sun set.

This large structure at the lake in El Retiro Park offers great vistas from the viewpoint hidden under the statue of the horse.

A window into the history of the diocese of Madrid, open to visitors in the Hapsburg tourist area.

A second-century Egyptian temple donated to Spain during the construction of the great Aswan Dam.

An incredible sunset can be enjoyed from this popular park in La Latina district.

A botanical garden in Los Austrias district boasting stunning views of Madrid

A park close to Puente del Rey with spectacular views of the Royal Palace and Almudena Cathedral.

This lake, with exceptional views of Madrid, is a recreational area where people of all ages can spend their free time.

Enjoy Madrid from the air (access via Pintor Rosales and Casa de Campo). Temporarily closed for works.

Discover its spectacular terrace located on the 27th floor of this new hotel located in the Edificio España (Entrance: 5 euros, morning/afternoon. 10 euros/night)

also worth a visit

One of the best places to watch the sun set in Madrid, known popularly as the "park of the seven boobs". 

This natural environment surrounded by the River Manzanares in the Usera area is ideal for leisure and recreation.


The city’s new official sightseeing and tourist travel pass.

An observation deck offering wonderful vistas of the city.

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  • Have your photo taken with this sculpture/sign made out of recycled glass in tribute to the environmental awareness of Madrid’s residents! (Madrid Rio by the Huerta de la Partida)

    The letters of Madrid Rio
  • Escultura-cartel Madrid Río. Delante de la Huerta de la Partida


  • Discover the city's most popular sights and attractions, from one of Europe's largest royal palaces to the magnificent Prado Museum and the Real Madrid football stadium. 

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  • Palacio Real
  • Find out why Spaniards tend to eat later than the rest of the continent, when it's traditional to munch on a "saint's bones" and where you take in a flamenco show with a drink or a meal

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  • Enjoy Madrid in a different way: get a tattoo, visit a peculiar haberdashery store or escape from an enchanted house. Power to the imagination!

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  • Escapadas originales en pareja
  • Monumento Alfonso XII. 1922. José Grases Riera. Foto de Álvaro López del Cerro.