Artisan ice-cream parlours

  • Heladerías artesanas

In traditional cake shops, under the shade of a terrace or in avant-garde and modern settings. Enjoying the ice-creams prepared by the best home-made ice-cream parlours in Madrid is the most gratifying way of beating the heat and the cold, because hot ice-creams are also served. There are a multitude of flavours, from the most traditional to more unusual and suggestive proposals. It is a true culinary delight for all tastes.

Chosen as the best ice-cream parlour by the Repsol Guide Suns 2021. 

Luxury ice-cream parlour by Ricardo Vélez. Awarded a Repsol Sun 2021.

Artisan ice-creams in all sorts of flavors in Salamanca neighborhood.

Surprising and risky flavors are made the artisan way in Napoli.

An Italian ice-cream shop chain has been making ice-cream in Madrid for 30 years.

Shops in Madrid: Luchana, 9 / Calle Bailén, 11 / Calle del Goya, 49 / Gran Vía, 25 / Gran Vía, 56 / Narváez, 13 / Bravo Murillo​, 127 / Puerta del Sol, 11 / Preciados​, Calle del Carmen 27 / Vallecas, Avda de la Albufera, 11​ / Aluche, Calle Quero, 63 / Oca, Calle Oca, 110

The authentic horchata (a typical Valencian drink made with ground almonds, tiger nuts, barley, sesame...) is the star of this place.

Salamanca neighborhood ice-cream shop makes different kinds of Italian ice-creams.

The pastry chef Jordi Roca has this ice-cream shop in the Gourmet Experience area in the Serrano Corte Inglés.

Ice-cream shops with attention to detail so that the visitors could feel comfortable and relaxed.

Shops in MadridSan Bernardo, 26 / Rosario Pino, 6 / El Corte Inglés, Calle de Goya 85-87 / Avenida de Valdemarín, 167 / Paseo de la Castellana, 148 / Paseo de la Habana, 27 / Arturo Soria, 126

Mistura, a Portuguese word for “mixture”, explains their personalizable concept of ice-cream you design yourself.

Shops in Madrid: Goya, 50 / Augusto Figueroa, 5 / Cdad. Rodrigo, 6 / Plaza del Ángel, 2 / Calle de Toledo, 71 / Calle del Príncipe de Vergara, 254 / Las Rozas de Madrid Local Planta, 19 / Santa Engracia 56

Sicilian ice-cream shop in the heart of Madrid.

A huge variety of ice-cream flavors, including sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan ice-creams.

Artisan Italian ice-cream shop making their own ice-cream using only the freshest and seasonal ingredients.

Ice-cream shop specialized in taiyaki – fish-shaped ice-cream cones, at the heart of Malasaña.

Ever since 1950 they have been selecting the best ingredients for their ice-creams like organic strawberries, hazelnuts from Reus, pistachios from Sicily or lemons from Murcia. 

A chain of Italian ice-cream parlours that offers an authentic Italian gelato, made with natural products, without artificial colours or flavours.

Shops in MadridCalle Mayor, 40 / Las Rozas Village (El Corte Inglés Callao Gourmet Experience, 9th Floor) / Postas, 3 / Galería Canalejas (1st Floor, local 17)

A handmade ice cream made with natural ingredients such as organic milk or seasonal fruits, without artificial colors or flavors.

The Spanish ice cream maestro, Carlos Arribas, is at the helm of this establishment which combines the ice cream tradition of Argentina and Italy.

Home-made ice cream parlour that aims to transmit the purest essence of Italian ice cream and its traditional flavours.

Home-made ice creams since 1990, which also has a wide selection of waffles, Illy coffee, slush puppies, horchata and much more. 

Ice cream made with liquid nitrogen in the heart of Chueca.

Chueca is home to this establishment with a futuristic feel, specialised in ice lollies and home-made ice cream with original flavours. 

Italian ice-cream parlour in the Salamanca District, which prepares home-made products using the best fruit and local ingredients along with products brought from Italy.  

Home-made Italian ice-cream prepared daily, offering a fresh product and a wide range of flavours.

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