Theatres and concert halls

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Music, dance, opera, zarzuela and comedy are within the broad range of performing genres you can watch live at the many theatres, stages and concert halls of Madrid. Below, you’ll find only a few of them. We wanted to write a short list with the most relevant, so please, look for private or alternative theatres and concert halls elsewhere.

Madrid's historical opera house, located next to the Royal Palace, stages world-class ballets and operas.

Auditorium with a large capacity to hold major symphony and chamber music concerts in the Charmartín district. 

Located in the Salesas area and totally reformed, it has been the headquarters for the National Drama Centre 1978.

Second headquarters of the National Drama Centre holds, in particular, classical shows from the 20th century.

Originally inaugurated by Alonso XII, this theatre is situated in Madrid’s theatre district, the Literary Quarter.

This former church converted into a theatre offers an extensive programme and training courses in Chamberí.

Don't miss the chance to watch a Spanish operetta in this gem of a theatre.

A modern theatre complex that hosts major Spanish and international theatre performances and concerts.

A witness of the history of Madrid, the Teatro Español has been holding theatre shows since the 16th century.

A theatre space inside the Matadero complex designed by Jean Guy Lecat.

Located in Plaza de Colón, this cultural centre holds diverse cultural activities and theatre shows.

The only permanent indoor circus in Spain, this wonderful venue plays host to first-class shows and concerts.

This magnificent auditórium located in Nouvel brings arts to life in the Queen Sofia programme.


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