Ponzano, the trendy food street in Madrid

  • Ponzano, la calle gastronómica de moda en Madrid - El Invernadero
  • Ponzano, la calle gastronómica de moda en Madrid - DeAtún
  • Ponzano, la calle gastronómica de moda en Madrid - Sala de Despiece
  • Ponzano, la calle gastronómica de moda en Madrid -Los arcos de ponzano

Located in the central district of Chamberí -Metro Alonso Cano (L7) / Ríos Rosas (L1)-, Ponzano is the trendy food street in Madrid. It is so frequented at any time of the day (aperitif, evening and night) that its regulars are called ponzaners, and it has a #ponzaning label and its own website (www.ponzaning.es) as if they were members of a select club.

This urban road has become a magnet for the most suggestive gastronomic proposals. Furthermore, many addicts of the area combine the culinary and cultural offers, because the Teatros del Canal, the Teatro Amaya, the Canal de Isabel II Exhibition Hall, the

Geomineral Museum or the Santander Park are just a stone’s throw away. We will list some establishments that are all the rage in this street, winning over the stomachs of the people of Madrid, but there are many more:

Sala de Despiece

The Sala de Despiece is at Number 11, and is one of the main features of the street. It recreates an old-fashioned slaughterhouse, with hooks and knives included, on a white tiled backdrop. Here, you can do whatever you like: have a tapa, lunch, dinner…You will not be able to take your eyes off the establishment’s fun and original design, which is the work of the OhLab Studio. For example, the door opens with the latch of a cold chamber. 

Sala de Despiece

Teje y Maneje

Located at Number 14, Teje y Maneje is the latest adventure of the Lalala and Larrumba groups. Teje is designed as a grocery store that invites you to sample a fine glass of wine and an appetising portion of food. At Maneje, we are introduced into a kind of art dèco brasserie where we can savour Mexican-style chicken strips, salmon tataki, anchovies in vinegar, a variety of toasted breads, etc. It is crowded from Thursday to Sunday.

Los Arcos de Ponzano

At Number 16, we can find this traditional tavern: Los Arcos de Ponzano. Since 1952, it has been a pole of attraction for gourmets. What is its speciality? Typical Segovian cuisine. There are plenty of dishes from Castile and an excellent wine cellar. 

Claxon Bar Taberna

At Number 21, we come across this charming establishment which opens very early, so it has become an ideal place to have breakfast and experience the street when almost everybody is sleeping. The bar is the main feature, with a large variety of tapas, among which the bacon cooked in the oven for eight hours at a low temperature stands out, as does the cod in tempura or crunchy black pudding and leek.

Restaurante Candeli

At Number 47, we can find Candeli, an establishment that invites you to savour the finest dishes of traditional Spanish cuisine. It has three very different spaces: an entrance with high tables to have tapas, an informal dining room with low tables and a more elegant dining room for a romantic meal.

Arima Basque Gastronomy

Located at Number 51, the Arima Basque Gastronomy restaurant and vermouth bar came to the area in the summer of 2016.. According to the young owner, Arima Irazuegi, its roots lie in the salt from the Cantabrian Sea, the small producer from the land and its audacity.

Its culinary offer tastes of San Sebastian, large dishes and more than 30 brands of vermouth. You must try the Joxefa 2.0 gildas in tribute to Joxefa Garmendia, the great-great grandmother of the establishment’s owner, Nagore Irazuegi.

Arima Basque Gastronomy


At Number 59, we can find DeAtún, where, some say, the best almadraba tuna in Madrid is cooked. Damáan Ríos is the executive chef of this establishment that welcomes diners with a bar decorated in metallic scales, where there are several high tables. At the rear, there is a dining room. At weekends, it is full of young people who are out to enjoy the night. In May, it devotes several days to the traditional cutting and quartering of tuna.


If you are looking to have a beer in the area, at Number 8 you can find Fide, which is the perfect place. It is a classic beer house where its large selection of fresh seafood stands out, which are served alongside Iberian cold meat and magnificent canned conserves (cockles, mussels, tuna belly). We must not forget its portions of anchovies.

El Doble

On a beer route, you must visit one of the classic taverns in Madrid, which is frequented by those who appreciate a beer that is poured properly. El Doble is characterised by its double beers (as its name indicates), which are always accompanied by a delicious tapa, such as English-style chips, cooked prawns and cold meats (particularly ham and pork).

El Invernadero

At Number 85, we can find El Invernadero, the restaurant run by Rodrigo de la Calle, a chef who says that anybody who does not like vegetables should visit his restaurant. He is convinced that his haute cuisine based on garden produce will captivate all those who try it.

Green haute cuisine by the Madrid chef has been confirmed by the Michelin star he won in 2019. He serves three menus: “Vegetalia”, an immersion in the world of gastro-botany; “Green”, adapted for vegetarians and vegans; and “Red”, with dishes of seasonal vegetables served with meat.

El Invernadero


The Argentinean pizzeria, Picsa, at Number 76, is a personal project of the team at the well known Sudestada restaurant, which seeks to offer the best of the famous Italian pizza’s traditional recipe in different, revamped versions. The establishment is decorated in an industrial style with white tiles and has a menu with 15 varieties of pizza, including classics and more innovative ones.

Casa Fonzo

Casa Fonzo restaurant at Number 60, surprises thanks to its suggestive recipes. It is undoubtedly one of the trendy establishments in the Ponzano area with an Argentinean style menu, in which Argentinean fusion bites and meat pasties stand out. 


Located at Number 8, Charnela is a restaurant that offers a culinary experience based around the most popular shellfish: mussels. Its goal is to become the most emblematic mussel restaurant in Calle Ponzano, offering a new way to enjoy mussels and other products, prioritising the certified origin and quality of the products served. 

La Malcriada

La Malcriada located at Number 38, is a different kind of brewery, a classic modernised bar where you can enjoy a traditional menu but with an incredible atmosphere. Managed by the Lalala Group, it is a good option to kick off your tapas experience in good company.

Le Qualité Tasca

At No. 48 Calle de Ponzano, you will find a little restaurant called Le Qualité Tasca serving fusion cuisine made using premium quality ingredients. The menu changes with the seasons to ensure they serve the freshest produce available. 

La Máquina de Chamberí

La Máquina de Chamberí (No. 41 Calle de Ponzano) is a restaurant owned by Grupo La Máquina. A contemporary eatery specialising in seafood, serving up delicacies such as red shrimp and oysters as well as high quality tapas such as mini veal burgers and Oviedo-style tripe stew.

La Lianta

La Lianta, at No. 41 Calle de Ponzano, was the first restaurant-bar opened by Grupo Lalala and is one of the liveliest spots on this street. It is a typical modernised bar with a large, tiled bar area to serve up the perfect pint and sample some classic tapas.


At No. 37 Calle de Ponzano, you will find Tapadera, a cute little American style bar that serves up quintessential burgers, sandwiches, and cocktails. The kitchen is open until 1am from Sunday to Wednesday, and 3am from Thursday to Saturday, staying open as a bar until 6pm.


Marabú is a restaurant owned by Grupo La Fábrica. It is located at No. 37 Calle de Ponzano and is reached directly through Tapadera. It fuses cuisine based on quality ingredients and classic flavours with an array of different evening entertainment, including interactive karaoke.

La Tía Feli

At No. 18 Calle de Ponzano, you will find La Tía Feli, an urban restaurant/bar that serves up irresistible tapas to enjoy at any time.

99 Sushi Bar Ponzano

99 Sushi Bar Ponzano, located at No. 99 Calle de Ponzano, is a popular urban Japanese restaurant, considered one of the best places to eat out in Ponzano. Here you can sample some of the most typical Japanese dishes.

- How to get there:

  • Metro: Cuatro Caminos (L1, L2, L6), Nuevos Ministerios (L6, L8, L10), Ríos Rosas (L1), Alonso Cano (L7), Iglesia (L1)
  • Bus: 3, 5, 12, 37, 45, 149, C1, C2, N22
  • bicimad stations: 129, 130, 132, 133, 134



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