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Madrid is an open, cosmopolitan city with a host of cultural venues aimed at breaking barriers and building bridges between Spain and other countries. In them you can learn foreign languages and attend all kinds of cultural activities: conferences, exhibitions, discussion panels, and so on.

The headquarters of the renowned public institution is housed in a monumental building and hosts cultural activities all year round.

A cultural institute that hosts and promotes events that celebrate German culture and language.

Training, debates, exhibitions and shows at the cultural centre of France in Madrid.

A seventeenth century manor, renovated in the nineteenth century according to taste, which now houses the Italian Cultural Institute.

The headquarters of Mexican literature and art are found at this institution, which links Mexico and Spain culturally.

Institute dedicated to promoting Chinese language teaching and culture.

Cultural centre tasked with promoting Chinese language and culture throughout the world. The centre will remain partially closed until further notice.

Space for a meeting of Spanish and Korean culture.

The spectacular Palacio de Linares hosts all kinds of events and, according to legend, is haunted by a ghost.

This public consortium hosts cultural activities that foster a better understanding between Spain and Asian countries.

A Neo-Mudéjar building houses this cultural institution that hosts exhibitions, talks and films, as well a wonderful Lebanese restaurant.

Cultural space for cultural and knowledge exchange between Spain and Mexico, in Chamberí.

Cultural embassy for Jewish communities from all over the world, especially the Sephardim community. 

Private cultural institution which houses The Martyrdom of St. Andrew painting by Rubens

This centrally-located cultural centre and bookshop has been disseminating Catalan culture in Madrid since 1993.

Association specialised in French courses for all: adults, children, teenagers and companies.

A point of reference with Persian culture and contemporary Iranian creation.

This residence hall founded in 1960 focuses on the interaction of language and culture of other countries.

Finnish centre of culture and science, which carries out activities in Spain with the support of the Ministry of Education of this Nordic country.


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