Madrid Student Guide (PDF)

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Welcome to the city where, in one way or another, everyone’s from somewhere else. Welcome to a city that greets all arrivals with open arms, where making friends is just a matter of having a night out, or heading down to buy bread each day from the local market. Welcome to the city of fresh air, city parks with ponds and statues you’ll find nowhere else, with cycle lanes that criss-cross the neighbourhoods, and outdoor terraces where you can enjoy a drink with friends in any season. Welcome to the good-weather city, where the sun shines almost 365 days a year and umbrellas live at the back of the wardrobe. Welcome to a city packed with art and culture from all over the country, with impressive museums and charming galleries, open-air music festivals and markets. Welcome to the city of delicious food such as squid baguettes and cocido stew. Welcome to Madrid, the city that embraces you.

Download this useful handbook put together by Time Out (22MB in English) to start settling in.

Last edition: 2019-2021

  • The city is one of the busiest European capitals in terms of shows and cultural activities. Check out our calendar of events.

    What’s On in Madrid
  • El Rey León