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The city of Madrid has numerous specialised centres and academies to learn Spanish, accredited by the Cervantes Institute. Attending classes is a good way of learning the language and understanding the Spanish culture in Madrid first-hand.  It is a place that has served as inspiration for great writers when it comes to telling their tales.   



One of the largest schools teaching Spanish in Spain and Latin America

Education First is an international centre for language learning, travel and cultural exchanges.

This language school has been operating in Madrid for over 30 years, and has taught more than 320,000 students and teachers.

Learn Spanish in the centre of Madrid.

An innovative language school, which, over its three decades in existence, has become a paradigm in language teaching.

Estudio Sampere is a private school with over 50 years' experience teaching languages.

Tilde Idiomas offers Spanish classes for foreigners and programmes of cultural immersion.

School offering Spanish classes for foreigner speakers, located in the neighbourhood of Salamanca.

AIL Madrid is a school of Spanish accredited by the Cervantes Institute which offers a wide range of Spanish courses for students at all levels

Well-established school with extensive teaching experience, in a good location

Teaching Spanish to foreigners since 1990, just a few yards from Puerta del Sol.

Language school that bases learning not only on linguistic immersion but also on immersion in culture and leisure activities.

Cronopios Idiomas is a Spanish academy for foreigners located in the heart of Madrid, just a stone’s throw from El Retiro Park and the Paseo del Arte

Don Quijote is an internationally renowned language school, at the forefront in teaching Spanish to foreigners.

Language school specialised in teaching Spanish to foreigners.

School specialised in teaching Spanish to foreigners next to Puerta del Sol.

Educational centre devoted to adult education which offers Spanish courses for foreigners backed by the Cervantes Institute, among other courses.

Spanish language learning centre for foreign students in the Conde Duque area.

Spanish for foreigners study centre in Madrid accredited by the Cervantes Institute.

Learn Spanish in Salamanca neighborhood in this school accredited by Instituto Cervantes.

Learning Spanish in the very heart of Paseo del Arte (Art Walk).

The EUREKA language school, located in the historical centre of the city, has been teaching Spanish since 1988.


Download free maps and guides to the city to help you plan your trip.

Discover the city's most popular sights and attractions, from one of Europe's largest royal palaces to the magnificent Prado Museum and Real Madrid's stadium. 

  • Students from around the world flock to Madrid as the perfect place to learn a language now spoken by over 500 million people and counting.

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  • Contemporary spaces hosting the latest avant-garde theatre shows and exhibitions.

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  • Madrid's excellent transport system allows you to get around the city quickly and safely by bus, metro, train or taxi.

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  • Located right in the centre of the country, Madrid is very well connected to the rest of the country and to the rest of the world, and can be easily reached by plane, train, coach and car.

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