Language exchange venues

  • Locales de intercambio de idiomas

Madrid is one of Europe's most multicultural, multilingual and cosmopolitan cities. Check out this great selection of bars and cafés where you can enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine and a chat in whatever language you fancy.

These are establishments where conversations in the languages of many nationalities are actively encouraged, with no money changing hands. Some people prefer to talk around a table, others opt to join in debates and conferences, while more retiring participants are content to listen into the mingling of accents from the comfortable distance of a bar stool. What is important is that everyone has the same goal in mind; to have an enjoyable time while practising their language skills. Whether you are from the United States and want to speak Spanish or from Argentina and love Italian, or even if you are French, living in Madrid, but always wanted to learn German, keep an eye out for these great spots!

Language Exchange Madrid

Language Exchange Madrid is a free event that is organised in the historic and emblematic tavern in Madrid, La Fontana de Oro in the centre of Madrid, in Calle Victoria, 1, close to Puerta del Sol. Language exchanges are held every Thursday from 8pm to 10.30pm.

Beer Station

Inspired by a former train station, this international beer garden is famous for its cosy atmosphere and its wide range of craft beers.  There are concerts and live monologues every week (also in English, with native comedians), but participating in the language exchange on Thursdays is a must from 10pm and on Sundays from 7.30pm.  

The James Joyce Irish Pub

(language exchange temporarily suspended)

A bar that pays tribute to the memory of the writer, set in the purest Irish style. It combines Spanish and Irish dishes, but offers a lot more.  Every Sunday from 8pm, there is a language exchange (with moderator included) for people with different levels. Talks in English about literature, politics and everything that is an excuse to test the wit of those present. However, if you like sport, the best way to practice your English is by watching rugby or soccer games on the big screen.

The Irish Rover

Irish pub close to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, which organises language exchange sessions two Tuesdays a month from 8pm onwards, as well as concerts and televised sports. Called the AFTERWORK English Club, this gathering is designed to improve spoken English, meet people and have fun.  


This cosy and original bar in Chueca usually hosts language exchanges that are perfect to attend with friends who feel like chatting. The Tandem Madrid school, which has many students from different countries, regularly organises its traditional language exchange here.

Exchange Groups

Don’t worry if you are shy and don’t feel like attending one of these bars alone, here are some more alternatives focused on the organisation of events. Good luck and get talking!

Madrid Babel

The offer is so varied that you can sign up to meet in a bar or go hiking in the Sierra.  The ultimate aim is to speak languages!


Make international friends in language exchanges, trips, ex-pat events, film nights and other meetings in Madrid and abroad via this platform.

Tandem. Madrid International School

This prestigious language school organises international meetings between students of different nationalities lasting 1 or 2 hours, exchange parties in the courtyard, different cultural activities related to cultural and linguistic exchange.  

Café Lingua

An internet portal that organises language exchange meetings in Madrid open to all those who are interested. It is a free activity to practise a range of languages, such as Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.


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Madrid is a fantastic place to study a language spoken by almost 600 million people worldwide.

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