Films in Their Original Language

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Many of the city's cinemas screen films in their original language with Spanish subtitles. In addition, cultural institutions, headed by Filmoteca Española, are organising activities that will turn Madrid into an ideal destination for movie-goers.

Golem, Artistic Metropol, Pequeño Cine Estudio, Cines Princesa, Renoir Plaza de España, Renoir Retiro, Cines Verdi, Yelmo Cines Ideal 3D, Cinesa Manoterasmk2 Palacio de Hielo, Cine EmbajadoresOCINE Urban Caleidomk2 Cine PazCines Yelmo Luxury and Kinépolis Madrid are the commercial movie theatres screening films in the original language (V.O. in Spanish) in Madrid. Although they’re scattered across the city, most of them are in the city centre, in the shopping district, sharing streets with other movie theatres.

Plaza de España and Plaza de los Cubos are the areas with the highest concentration of theatres showing original language films in Madrid: Cines Princesa, Renoir Plaza de España and Golem, which opened as Alphaville on 26 November 1977 and thus is the oldest movie theatre of this kind in the city. What’s more, it was the first multiplex and a pioneer in carrying out initiatives such as film factsheets, Spectators’ Day or late-night sessions.

At Cine Paz and Palacio de Hielo, spectators will find a flagship programme by mk2, the French audiovisual company, emblem of art-house films worldwide: quality films in original version with subtitles, accompanied at times by meetings with film-makers, previews and special events. 

Other screens

Filmoteca Española, at Cine Doré, is one of the cultural institutions also screening films in the original language. It offers daily sessions (Tuesday to Sunday) in its two screens. Then, there are also Cine Estudio at Círculo de Bellas Artes, Cineteca Madrid at Matadero, and a variety of cultural centres belonging to institutions from other countries, which also offer film sessions or special programmes in an effort to promote foreign cultures, filmmakers or documentaries. They all screen films in their original language, and admission is free or really inexpensive.



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