Halloween in Madrid

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Thanks to globalisation in the 21st century, we've been able to learn more and more about other cultures. Centuries-old traditions from different countries now go hand in hand with each other. And that's why around the 1 November in Madrid, not only will you find traditional sweets, such as huesos de santos (or "saint's bones") and buñuelos (fritters), but you can also see candy, pumpkins, sweet bread for the Day of the Dead and sugar skulls. Remembering loved ones is now accompanied with zombies, dead people of all shapes and sizes and elaborate La Catrina skull make-up. Theme parks, restaurants, cultural centres, etc. all join in this fusion of Spanish, Anglo-Saxon and Mexican cultures. Welcome to Halloween in Madrid!

Typical Spanish traditions

All Saints' Day: visiting our relatives at the cemetery with flowers

Cemeteries in Madrid are full of colour on All Saints' Day. Special flowers are laid on the graves, memorial niches and pantheons of loved ones. Streets become packed with people so that no one is forgotten on this special day. And walking through La Almudena Cemetery becomes a floral journey through history, art and the final resting place of some of the country's most famous people.

Saint's Bones and Fritters

Asempas. Pastelerías artesanas de Madrid The festivity's traditional sweet dishes are full of flavours. Saint's bones (huesos de santo), which are stuffed with an egg yolk syrup, and fritters (buñuelos), which are filled with cream, can be found in endless colours and flavours for all tastes: chocolate, coconut, yogurt, cream…!

Children give adults the perfect excuse to accompany them while they sample some of these classic treats. Don't feel bad for eating too many of them, as tradition has it that for every fritter you eat, a soul is saved from purgatory!

Repostería tradicional - Buñuelos

Don Juan Tenorio

Theatre performances of this play by Spanish poet and dramatist Zorrilla traditionally take place on All Saints' Day, as the final act is set on this very night. Many Madrileños recall the famous line "Oh, my angel of love, do you see that on this secluded shore the moon shines clear and pure, and one breathes more easily?" in the neighbouring UNESCO World Heritage City, Alcalá de Henares around this time of year. Here, it has been performed for over 35 years at the Huerta del Obispo Garden, inside the walls of the Archbishop's Palace.

A trip to Mexico for the Day of the Dead

Frida Kahlo once said that she hoped that when she died, she would never return to this world. However, in Mexico, the Day of the Dead is a huge celebration as it's believed that the souls of loved ones come back to earth on this very day, and are therefore greeted with their favourite food and drink.

The Day of the Dead at Casa de México

The Casa de México cultural centre has organised different activities to celebrate the Day of the Dead. Films, workshops and performances, as well as courses, not only honour this important day, but they also encourage us to learn about a tradition that has become a national symbol.

Throughout October and November, visitors can come and see the altar of the dead for free. Don't miss out on the chance to witness a giant 6-metre high and 1-metre wide La Catrina skull!

Vista frontal del Altar de Muertos 2022 en la Casa de México de Madrid

And in true American style...

The Parque de atracciones amusement park boasts El Viejo Caserón, an iconic passage of terror that has frightened thousands of visitors since it first opened. And this is set to continue this year, alongside their other petrifying attractionsThe Shanarkai Temple which hides an ancient curse; the haunted grave of Nosferatu; the macabre zombie scenes in The Walking Dead Experience (not included in the entrance ticket to the park); and the Asylum experience, where patients have taken control of a psychiatric hospital.

As well as this, from the beginning of October until 1 November, children can enjoy a special Halloween programme that they won't want to miss for the world.

Nosferatu - Parque de Atracciones

The Warner Theme Park will also be pulling out the stops this Halloween. Visitors can find tunnels of terror, among which highlights include The Warren Files (The Conjuring Universe), which brings together the best scenes from the film franchise, and the La Llorona outdoor passage of terror. You can also visit the scare zone where you'll find the shows Ghost Town and Freddy Krueger: Another Nightmare. And if you're with the kids, check out the Animated Forest.

Ghost Town Scare Zone - Parque Warner

From the beginning of October until Halloween, be sure to stop by the Zoo Aquarium and Faunia parks to visit their spooky offerings.

Trick or Treat?

The Sweet Space Museum, a paradise for chocolate and sweet lovers in the ABC Serrano shopping centre, is celebrating Halloween with some great decorations. Enjoy getting dressed up and going trick or treating around the complex. 

Sweet Space Museum

Ghost Tour Around Madrid

On this tour you can discover the legends and tormented spirits that roam the city's streets after dark. The route starts in Plaza de Cibeles and finishes in Plaza de Santo Domingo, and includes a visit to Linares Palace, the headquarters of Casa de América, which has been the subject of a number of paranormal studies. The iconic House of the Seven Chimneys, whose walls and rooftops hide ghost stories, also feature on the tour. 

Other neighbourhoods around the city also have special tours to celebrate Halloween, such as Lavapiés and Huertas, where the most sinister and terrifying tales concealed in their alleys and street corners are told by Cuéntame Madrid.

Engimatium Room

Who would have thought that in the centre of Madrid it would possible to have a unique dinner experience in a restaurant located inside a former Spanish Civil War bunker? Well it is! This escape room lasts approximately 3 hours and you'll have to solve enigmas and riddles if you want to be set free at the end of the evening.

Another fun activity for families with children is to form teams and get dressed up. Games include The Refuge, where participants travel back in time to experience a real story, and Around the World, where a series of attacks is wiping out major cities.

La Casa de los Horrores

Located in Aranjuez, this rural house of terror, whose stories and activities have appeared in the media, is the best known of its kind in Spain. It's a very unique set-up, thanks to both its location and its tales that, whether they're true or not, continue to surprise the guests. The experience includes dinner with a free bar, a show, karaoke, games and entertainment, enigmas and a diptych to use while solving a real-life cluedo.

Madrid Terror Escape Room

You'll find this escape room in the heart of Madrid, in a space with more than 200m2 where you'll participate in a terrifying yet exciting experience designed for those who love being frightened or those who simply themselves as clever in nerve-racking situations. Activities also include special (and easier!) sessions for families, such as Paranormal Experience and Horror Club.

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