Getting around Madrid by Bus

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Run by EMT (the Municipal Transport Company), Madrid’s efficient bus service is composed of 2000 vehicles and over 200 bus lines. Most of the city’s main thoroughfares have a bus and taxi lane to ensure the free flow of transport through the busier parts of the capital, although at times when there is heavy traffic, the Metro is usually a faster alternative. EMT recently introduced three zero emissions buses which are free to use: 001 Atocha Renfe-Moncloa, 002 Puerta de Toledo-Argüelles and C03 Puerta de Toledo-Argüelles.

As of 4 November 2023, and until further notice, it is forbidden for users to access the Community of Madrid’s public transport network (buses and metro and Plaza de Castilla, Moncloa, Príncipe Pío, Plaza Elíptica and Avenida de América interchanges) with electric scooters in order to guarantee the safety of passengers.

Monday through Friday, buses run from 6am till 11.30pm (except the three zero emissions services whose timetables differ slightly). They generally pass every 4 to 15 minutes, although frequency depends on the line and the time of day. On weekends and public holidays, they run from 7am till 11pm and tend to be slightly less frequent.

After 11.30 the city operates night buses (known as búhos, the Spanish word for owls). They run till the early hours of the morning and the fare is the same as for daytime buses. There are 27 lines (N1 to N27), and they all start or end in Plaza de Cibeles. They run every 35 minutes from Sunday to Friday and on public holidays, and every 15-20 minutes on  Saturdays and on the eve of a public holiday. You can check the frequency for each line at the corresponding bus stop.

To travel to and from Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas you can take the Aiport Express shuttle which goes to the centre of the city, or take one of the two EMT lines that go to the airport: Line 200 runs between Avenida de América and T1, T2 and T4 and Line 101 goes from Canillejas to T1 and T2. Both lines only run during the day and the fare is the same as for other ordinary EMT buses.

Buses only stop at designated bus stops, and only upon request. If you wish to alight the bus at the next stop, you must press the button before you reach it. If you are waiting at the stop, as the bus approaches you must signal to the driver that you wish to board.


All 10-trip tickets must be loaded onto the Tarjeta Multi, a contactless, transferable plastic smartcard that is valid for up to 10 years. You can purchase it for 2.50€ at all Metro and Metro ligero stations from ticket machines that have a red sticker saying Tarjeta MULTI Disponible AQUÍ, as well as from Estancos (tobacco shops) and other authorized retailers. The Tarjeta Multi is free if you purchase the 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7-day Tourist Travel Pass, and once the pass expires, you can top up the smartcard with pay-per-ride tickets (single Metro tickets or 10-trip tickets valid on buses and the Metro)

Single bus tickets cannot be loaded on to the Tarjeta Multi smartcard, they must be purchased on the bus.


  • Single ticket: Valid for one trip only. The ticket must be purchased onboard and can be paid for by card (Visa, American Express or Mastercard) or in cash (please note, the driver only has change for 5€): 1.50€   
  • 10-trip ticket (Metrobús*): 6.10€ (50% discount available until 31 December 2024)
  • 10-trip ticket (Bus+Bus): valid for two bus journeys within one hour** - 9.10€ (50% discount available until 31 December 2024)
  • Airport Shuttle Ticket: €5 (valid for a single trip on the airport shuttle bus where it is purchased)
  • Large Family Pass: view fares (reduced price for families in the General and Special categories)
  • Tourist Pass: view fares (unlimited travel on all public transport services within the chosen area)
  • Annual Transport Pass: view fares (personal and non-transferable, allows unlimited travel within the specific region throughout the year) 

(*) Valid for 10 trips on any EMT bus, Metro Zone A and ML1 tram.

(**) Valid for 10 trips that allow you to change buses once within one hour of first touching in (on sale at Estancos).


All buses are fitted with a retractable ramp and have space for at least one person in a wheelchair. Wheelchair users must enter the bus using the middle door (not the front door), which is where the ramp is installed.

Prams and pushchairs are also allowed on all buses, space permitting. The buggy must have the break on and must be placed so that the child is rear facing. 

Many buses have a pre-installed car seat that enables young children to travel safely.

Foldable bikes are allowed on the bus, space permitting. If a wheelchair user or a person with a pram wishes to get on the bus and there is a shortage of space, the cyclist will need to alight.

Guide dogs and assistance dogs are allowed on all buses but must carry their identification tag.


Online Interactive Bus Map 
Download the Tourist Bus Map (2.4 MB)


The express bus runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It passes through terminals 1, 2 and 4, and makes three stops in the city: next to O’Donnell metro station, Plaza de Cibeles and next to Atocha train station (only during the day). It runs every 15 minutes from 6am to 11.30pm and every 35 minutes from 11.30pm to 6am. Single tickets cost 5 euros and must be purchased on the bus.


Madrid’s new number 0 bus service has zero emissions and zero cost. Put in place to help meet European air quality objectives, the bus service comprises two lines: Line 001 which runs between two of the city’s largest transport hubs, Atocha and Moncloa, and Line 002 which runs between Puerta de Toledo and Argüelles.

The frequency of Line 001 is between 7 and 8 minutes and it runs from 7am to 11.30pm (the last bus leaves Atocha at 11pm, and in the other direction the last bus leaves Moncloa at 11.30pm).

Line 002 runs from 8am till 9pm (the last bus leaves Puerta de Toledo at 8.45pm and the Argüelles at 9pm) passes approximately every 10 minutes.


  • EMT buses do not accept notes that are larger than 5€.
  • EMT's website offers an online journey planner that helps you find the fastest route to your destination.
  • Tickets for the Airport Express shuttle cannot be loaded on to the Tarjeta Multi, they must be purchased on the bus.
  • If you are planning on using public transport a lot during your stay, consider purchasing the Tourist Travel Pass which entitles you to unlimited travel over your selected time period.
  • Children under the age of 4 travel for free.
  • Folding bikes are allowed on buses, space permitting. Should a wheelchair user or a person with a pushchair wish to get on the bus, the passenger with the bike will have to get off if there is not enough designated space for both.
  • Explore the city in a healthy, sustainable way. Through the Madrid 360 initiative, the city reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and improving environmental protection.

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