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  • Restaurantes veganos

Are you vegan, or do you just fancy trying out this purely plant-based cuisine? In Madrid, you'll have no problem finding restaurants for you, as an increasing number of vegan restaurants are springing up. You'll find restaurants and cafés serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as pleasant places where you can enjoy organic vegan snacks as you chat with your companions. Many of them prepare home-cooked recipes to guarantee you won't miss out on an ounce of flavour. Here's a selection:

Italian vegan cuisine in a fun restaurant in Malasaña neighborhood. 

The healthy cuisine available at this international chain is to be found near Puerta del Sol.

Restaurant located in La Latina specialising in vegetarian and vegan burgers.

Right in the centre of Madrid, close to Puerta del Sol, Yerbabuena is not just for radical vegans.

Local, organic, vegan bar-restaurant that once again reinvents the traditional concept of tapas eaten at the bar.

Ovo-lacto vegetarian and vegan cuisine in the Malasaña district.

Gourmet raw vegan cuisine next to El Retiro Park.

A new way of eating, “stoveless cooking”. Ideal for people who are curious and open to new flavours.

100% Vegan cuisine in Chueca, completely palm oil free, and suitable for food intolerances. Take-away food and catering service available.


Close to the metro stops of Bilbao or Quevedo, you can find artisan vegan food 'made with love', as well as gluten free options and take-away service.


In Lavapiés, 100% vegan cuisine with fresh, locally sourced, artisan products. It welcomes pets and also has a space for exhibitions.


Vegan tapas and dishes in Calle de La Luna, made using locally sourced organic produce and serving up homemade artisan dishes.


Just opposite Debod Temple, this small vegan restaurant serves up its star dish, homemade spinach ravioli.


Vegan, organic, artisan and gluten free food. They serve breakfast, lunch and snacks, and offer raw products and vegan cooking classes.

Charming little spot in the historic quarter, with craft beer, organic wine, natural soft drinks, and homemade vegan food. The house specialities include croquettes and tortilla. Perfect for tapas.


Vegan recipes made by a family with roots in Germany's Black Forest, Southern Italy, and Central Europe.


Vegan restaurant in Lavapiés serving up dishes such as spinach rolls, smoked tofu on toast, and seitan sandwich with chimichurri.


Organic vegan cuisine, which they make almost entirely with their own products, including bread and cakes. All fresh and freshly made in this family-run restaurant in the Barrio de Las Letras.


Specialising in vegan pizzas, burgers and tapas in La Latina. 'Ethical and political' food, including products that support animal protection.


Homemade vegan food in the area of Palos de la Frontera. Pets welcome.


Located in the area of Conde de Casal, it serves up dishes such as roasted vegetable pâté, vegan bowl and vegan ‘meatballs’ in sauce.


Pleasant restaurant in Tetuán that serves up delicious, nutritious, vegan food. Mozarabic aubergine with hummus and 'Veganciana' paella are just a few of their offerings.


Vegan fast food in the district of Prosperidad served in a pet-friendly restaurant. The menu includes pizzas, burgers, arepas, wraps, as well as sharing platters and salads.


Cosy vegan café in the city centre, famous for its brunch and cakes. Weekly menu with 100% vegan products.

Small bar in Calle Ballesta that mainly serves sandwiches and burgers that are all made without meat, eggs or dairy.

This is not a restaurant, but rather Madrid's first ever vegan bakery, specialising in homemade American desserts.

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