In the Footsteps of Muslim Madrid

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In 865, Muhammad I, son of Abd-ar-Rahman II, ordered the construction of a small palace and a citadel in Magerit, an Arabic translation of the pre-Muslim name given to the site, Matrice, which means ‘source of water’, since the site was near a stream that flowed along present-day Calle de Segovia.

Two centuries later, in 1083, the citadel was conquered by Alfonso VI the Brave, King of León and Castile. The village was inhabited by Muslims, Jews and Christians. The modern name ‘Madrid’ derives from the combination of the Muslim and the Christian names.




History, what to see, places of worship, gastronomy and lifestyle... Discover the Muslim Madrid.

Madrid is a great halal destination for a holiday or business trip with Muslim-friendly hotels, restaurants and a whole range of other services.

A meeting point between Spain and the Arab world, this cultural institution hosts exhibitions, films, talks among other activities.

An Islamic cultural institution that houses Spain’s biggest Mosque, located in the Ciudad Lineal district.

  • All public parks and gardens in the city are once again fully open to the public.

    Parks and Gardens
  • Lago de la Casa de Campo


An observation deck at 92 metres.

Our online store (in Spanish) sells artisan souvenirs.

Guided tours for all ages (in Spanish).

  • Muslim, Jewish and Hindu Madrid: one city, a zillion cultures. Learn how and where to unveil these fabulous civilisations.

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