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  • Áreas de juego infantiles
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It’s a common dilemma during the family holidays: mum and dad want to go sightseeing or visit a museum, but the little ones just want to play. In Madrid you can get both, making everyone happy.

There are lots of playgrounds and children’s corners in the city. On Fuencarral Street (between Quevedo and Bilbao) and in a variety of squares – Tirso de Molina, Santa Ana, Lavapiés, Dos de Mayo –, kids can burn off loads of energy. They’ll have sandboxes or other soft enclosures, so you won’t have to worry about your children falling over.

Next to the Royal Palace or along Paseo del Prado, there are strategically located playgrounds where you can take a break and make your children happy on your cultural tour of Madrid.


The top park for children in Madrid is Madrid Río Park, offering as many as 17 playgrounds or children’s areas and 65 different attractions. Imaginative entertainment for kids of different ages, in a sustainable natural environment: Slide Hill, Log Jungle, Super Tyrolean Traverse, Beach, Rope Trails… just what the little ones need.

El Retiro Park features 11 areas for children. It’s a must for visitors and a popular meeting point for locals, and it’s close to major sights in town, such as the Prado Museum. In El Retiro you can go roller-skating, ride a bike, take a boat in the pond, or attend music, magic or juggling shows.

Casa de Campo Park is a must for families visiting Madrid. It’s home to a zoo and aquarium – Zoo Aquarium de Madrid – as well as an Amusement Park. No kid will want to miss it! The park has a number of children’s playgrounds, like the castle with slides and footbridges to be found past the Puerta de Rodajos gate.

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