Ancient Recipes from the Cuisine of Madrid (PDF)

  • Recetas centenarias de la gastronomía madrileña / RCM

The Centenarian Restaurants and Taverns of Madrid (RCM) are a group of 12 establishments that have over 100 years of history and have continued from one generation to another, passing on solid values of tradition, quality and the culinary know-how of the traditional cuisine of Madrid.

This recipe book includes 12 traditional recipes from our cuisine, recipes of dishes that reveal the authentic flavors of Madrid and that the Centenarian Restaurants and Taverns of Madrid (RCM) are still offering so that the ritual of “good eating” is still present at our table.

Well-known traditional recipes of our cuisine such as its Madrid-style chickpea stew, Madrid-style tripe, roasts such as roast suckling pig or roast lamb and stews like oxtail stew or Gipsystyle pot, without forgetting our most quintessential tapas like Spanish potato omelet or the garlic-dressed shrimps, among other recipes. We hope you enjoy cooking these dishes that never go out of style and keep the reminiscent traditional flavors that are part of our history.

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  • Historic establishments. The shops and businesses that have seen the birth and growth of more than three generations of Madrid’s citizens.

    Century-Old Establishments