Christmas in Madrid

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Madrid plays host to lots of feasts and festivals throughout the year. The streets get all dressed up and locals go out to welcome visitors. Among the city’s celebrations, Christmas can be said to be the most popular, reaching almost every district in town.

Magic comes to the city in late November, when Christmas lights turn on. Shimmering lights in all colours will dazzle you here, there, everywhere: in streets, in squares and in buildings. Of course, they comply with the strictest environmental and energy efficiency standards, saving energy as they brighten up the city.

Lighting design

Street lighting in Madrid is the creation of fashion designers Ángel Schlesser, Hannibal Laguna, Purificación García, Ana Locking, architects Sergio Sebastián, Teresa Sapey and Ben Busche, and graphic designer Roberto Turégano. Their blinking spirit is ever-present in the city streets.

A collage with words and symbols… A luminous landscape drawn with geometric lines… Tree branches projected in yellow and blue hues… These are some of the lighting designs you can spot during Christmas time in the Spanish capital.

Christmas trees

In Christmas, Madrid is peppered with artificial conifers standing in strategic points. Going beyond traditional Christmas trees, some of them can be explored inside, opening the door to a world of fantasy and magic.

The spectacular lights are complemented by traditional garlands hanging across the tree-lined boulevards, plus the special lighting of the main buildings and monuments, like Puerta de Alcalá gate or Palacio de Cibeles.