San Martín de Valdeiglesias

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Nestled in the heart of Madrid’s Sierra Oeste, this town is located close to the San Juan reservoir and is home to unique monuments like Coracera Castle which make it a great place for water sports and to get in touch with nature.

Coracera Castle is San Martín de Valdeiglesias’s most famous landmark. It was built in the mid-1400s by Don Alvaro de Luna, Constable of Castile and favorite of King John II. Its most prominent feature is the Keep, a tower that served as a defense point and as a residence for the masters of the castle. This monument is part of the Network of Castles of the Comunidad de Madrid.

After 13 years of restoration, it currently houses the Tourist Information Center and a wine cellar where you can taste some of the wines from the region. It also holds different events like “Clásicos de verano (Summer Classics)”: outdoor classical music concerts. 

In summer San Martín de Valdeiglesias holds a puppet-show cycle, Renaissance fair, equestrian show, marathons, concerts...

Apart from the castle, you should definitely take a stroll around the old town and its narrow streets with old houses with coat of arms and linteled windows and doors. The Church of San Martín de Obispo with its beautiful 7-meter tall central dome deserves a visit.

From its name (Valdeiglesias - valley of churches) we can conclude that there were numerous hermitages and six still stand today: Ermita del Ecce Homo, la Sangre, la Salud, el Cristo de la Humildad, la Virgen de la Nueva and del Rosario.


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