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Madrid night-life has energy for everybody and the fans of electronic music have a lot of venues to choose from. We bring you the selection of different clubs that are a must if you want to enjoy electronic music in Madrid and surroundings.


Probably the most famous electronic two-tier music club with a capacity for 7,000 people and an impressive sound system. It has a huge DJ list and always includes famous national and international disc jockeys. If you cannot go to Ibiza, this is the place for you.

Where: Even though it is on the outsides of the city, it is not difficult to reach: there is a bus line directly from Plaza España. They depart from Cuesta de San Vicente every 30 minutes from 11:30 pm.


In the center of Madrid you can find this legendary dance club that has been popular for decades. An old theater that has been turned into one of the biggest clubs in Europe has 7 differently styled floors. It is the favorite spot for both the locals and the visitors. Furthermore, the top two floors are home to the Quinto Elemento Restaurant, serving a wide range of cocktails.

Where: Atocha, 125.

Goya Social Club

A more intimate atmosphere in this club with a capacity for about 200 people with an exquisite DJ selection and a VIP treatment. It attracts the audience that is over the adolescent music craze and is looking for a more select experience of house, deep house, tech house with touches of techno. Some of the world-famous DJs, like The Magician, have selected this club as their favorite. *Temporarily closed

Where: Goya, 43.

Nox Club

A party with an underground feel has grown into one of the most famous night clubs in Madrid attracting world-class DJs.

Where: Chamartín station commercial area


It is extremely popular with the LGTBIQA+ crowd.  Although some of today’s hits can be heard here, most of the evening is devoted to dance and house. Furthermore, the establishment’s programme includes the CUENCAclub session, Madrid’s most entertaining party. 

Where: Martín de los Heros, 14.


A place with a great design and location. Its exclusive vibe gathers all the beautiful people of Madrid. It features current hits and house music.

Where: José Abascal, 56.

Mondo Disko

Probably the most durable techno and tech-house party in Madrid, it has been going strong for more than 15 years and has features some of the biggest national and international DJs. It has a weekly fresh program.

Where: Sala Cocó, Thursdays and Saturdays. Calle Alcalá, 20.


Stardust Club boasts of being the night-time session of the moment whose programme stands out for the presence of invited and resident DJs, combined with live performances. Good techno in a club that has been reinvented for a dynamic young clientele and is always keeping up with the latest trends.

Where: Calle de Arlabán. 7.

CHA CHÁ The Club

Every Friday night, this hall brings together true celebrities and creative professionals. This space combines styles, ranging from techno to hip hop, as well as future house and UK bass.

Where: Calle de Alcalá, 20

Club Trueno

Located inside the well-known El Sol, Trueno is an electronic music club in the centre of Madrid, which aims to recover the practically inexistent culture of this kind of parties. It is the in-place on Saturday nights, offering electronic underground music based on sounds that range from house to techno.

Where: Calle de los Jardines, 3

Panda Club Madrid

This club, which is a reference on the Madrid night scene, has sessions with a wide musical variety, ranging from reggaeton to techno house, passing through electronic and today’s more commercial music, with renowned DJs, such as Alexander Som, Luigii Nieto and KPD, among others.

Where: Calle de Hernani, 75


One of the legendary clubs in Madrid’s nightlife, it is still a reference point for live performances or to go dancing.  It has the Espacio Club on the ground floor, offering electronic music sessions by artists on the national and international scene.

Where: Calle San Dimas, 3

The Bassement Club

A meeting point for musicians, artists and clubbers.  This new club offers a unique experience in a space decorated with an audio system and totally innovative lighting.

Where: Calle de Galileo, 26

Festivals for fans of the genre

The city of Madrid is also the venue for leading festivals in which electronic music is their main feature. The Festival Paraíso is held in June,  a creative proposal that aims to be a combination of electronic music and other genres with artistic expressions. It is designed as a new festival model, more comfortable, without crowds and located in a green space close to the city centre.  

The City of Rock  of Arganda del Rey (a town located 35 kilometres outside Madrid) is also held in June, becoming the capital of electronic music thanks to A Summer Story. It is a festival that also offers an area for camping so that visitors can make the most of this musical experience.

With the arrival of autumn, Madrid hosts Brunch -In the Park, a festival that includes the participation of some of the leading names on the electronic scene, as well as offering activities, such as food trucks or initiatives for the little ones.

Another proposal is the electronic music festival, WAN Festival which is usually held at the Cubierta de Leganés to celebrate the arrival of the New Year and also Halloween.



Unwind over a drink, dance till the small hours, spend an evening at the theatre or go on a tapas crawl… Madrid boasts an unparalleled nightlife scene.  

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