Cooking Schools

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Besides boasting a host of fine restaurants and bars, Madrid features many excellent cooking schools. Learn how to prepare traditional dishes, develop your creativity, try something new and put your passion for food into motion. And, most importantly, have fun in the kitchen as you never thought you would.


Cookery school with a bookshop and store, which offers traditional Spanish cookery courses in English, among others, in Chueca.

Spanish Cooking Classes in Downtown Madrid.

First private school dedicated to teaching the world of olive growing and extra virgin olive oil.

Le Cordon Bleu is considered by many to be the best cookery school in the world.

Culinary school with courses for all ages and levels, where you can learn to prepare typical Spanish dishes, among others.   

Company specialised in guided gastronomic tours in Madrid, its province and surrounding areas.  

All the cooking accessories and extras you could ask for can be found in this shop in Hapsburg Madrid.

Full cooking courses and specialized classes dedicated to the pillars of Italian cuisine.

A very varied culinary space that can be adapted to the clients’ needs.

No previous cooking knowledge is needed and at the end of the class there is a lunch or dinner to enjoy what you have prepared.

Amazing surroundings to enjoy the cooking with some of the best professionals.

Healthy and organic cooking classes with different kinds of courses to master the art of cooking vegetables.

The aim of this project is to bring you to the world of cooking in a fun way creating easy recipes and learning the basis of cooking.

There is an easy way to learn the best techniques and recipes by the great chefs.

There is a huge central island that is the focal point of their classes and workshops where you can learn from the best chefs.

Created by the women’s magazine, Telva, it is a veteran school with an extensive programme in which you can prepare salads, breakfasts, healthy snacks, Argentinean desserts  or Peruvian cuisine, among other dishes.  

Located in Puente la Reina, 25, this school offers a wide variety of cooking courses.  Its kitchen is in the centre surrounded by steel and glass panels, where you can learn to make cakes, cocktails, tapas and even cooking for children.

This cooking school is based on excellence and innovation, offering courses at all levels, as well as master-classes and themed courses.  It also offers the possibility of organising a cooking class to share as a group or a cocktail and tapas class.

Its proposal includes cooking and baking workshops as well as brunch workshops.  It also organises private workshops, classes to enjoy with friends or to celebrate a birthday making biscuits. In conjunction with Hello Creatividad, there is also the possibility of some cooking courses online. 

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