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The service, which was suspended on 16 March, reopened on 22 April after the entire fleet of bicycles was thoroughly disinfected. Gloves are compulsory if you wish to use the service, and they recommend you avoid using the touch screen on the totem. Alternatives include the BiciMAD app or the website.

BiciMAD will add free months to annual memberships for the duration of the time that the service was not operating.

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A new means of public transport has arrived in the city. A fun, simple and sustainable way of getting around that all bike fans will enjoy. Madrid now has its very own electric bike hire service, BiciMAD, so locals and visitors alike can travel from one place to another quickly and conveniently while doing a bit of exercise.

Promoting more balanced and sustainable transport habits is the aim of this brand new service, equipped with more than 2,000 electric bicycles that can be picked up at over 165 points dotted around the city. One of the great things about BiciMAD is that it employs information technology to make users' experience easier, telling them in real time if any bikes are available at the nearest pick-up point when they check the app on their mobile devices or on the touch screens at the hire stations. All you have to do is register at any of the bike hire stations, either for a yearly season ticket or as an occasional user. In the latter case, you'll be issued with a card that lasts for 1, 3 or 5 days and you'll be billed at the end of the period for the number of times you used the service.

How do you start using the bikes? It's very easy, to pick up a bike the base must be showing a green light. To return a bike, the base must be showing a red light. If the light is blue it means that the bike has been reserved by another user. Although the most popular bike hire stations are the ones in Puerta del Sol and Plaza de la Cebada, in La Latina neighbourhood, there are lots more around Madrid, including near the Royal Palace and San Miguel Market, on Paseo del Prado and in Plaza de la Independencia.

For further information: 

- BiciMAD leaflet (ES/EN)

BiciMAD website


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