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Talking about China in Madrid is talking about Usera, the neighbourhood with the largest concentration of the Chinese community in Spain.  Since the 1970s, a large contingent of Chinese citizens has come to Madrid in search of a better world than the one in their country of origin. The Chinese community in the region of Madrid continues to grow, increasing from 33,489 registered inhabitants in 2008 to 63,549 in 2021, according to official figures from the National Statistics Institute. 

In Madrid capital alone, there are 35,985 Chinese residents according to the City Council register (Municipal Register of Inhabitants, revised on 1 July 2022) and a quarter of them live in Usera, where they maintain their customs and thousand-year old traditions. It is a kind of “Chinatown” integrated in a popular neighbourhood in the south of Madrid. It is easy to see due to the large number of Chinese shops and if you go to the Chinese Pensioners Centre in Usera, you can see how its members usually meet in the afternoons to play table-tennis or to play traditional music.  



  • The Year of the Dragon will begin on 10 February 2024 and, for the ninth consecutive year, Madrid will celebrate it with a full programme of activities.

    Chinese New Year 2024
  • Gastronomic workshops, coinciding with the celebration of the Chinese New Year, in which the wealth and variety of Chinese cuisine can be discovered (Various venues. Jan-Feb 2024).

    China Taste 2024
  • Dragones Desfile del Año Nuevo Chino en Usera 2023
  • Tallarines frito con gambas. Casa Lafu. China Taste 2023
  • Muslim, Jewish and Hindu Madrid: one city, a zillion cultures. Learn how and where to unveil these fabulous civilisations.

    Other Cultures
  • Comida india


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