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Paseo Santa María de la Cabeza 66, entreplanta
28045 Madrid
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Meet & Forum is an agency with more than 20 years of experience in organizing both national and international professional events. We have a solid team of highly qualified professionals, who share the same passion “organizing events“.

We know the importance of creating special moments, therefore, we assume the commitment to design creative, innovative and exclusive projects, providing solutions adapted to the needs of each client. We get involved in the strategy and business objectives to be able to offer a tailored service, getting involved in each project and offering constant, flexible and personalized attention. Our philosophy is based on the care of the details because, without a doubt, it is what makes the difference in the success of an event. For this reason, at Meet & Forum we put our hearts into each new challenge we undertake because, for us, each project is unique.

Meet & Forum we are not just a company, but we are a way of thinking and working

Meet & Forum
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