Hundreds of events are organised in Madrid.
Discover why people consider them a success.

Why Madrid

M. Dolores Gómez Pulido

“It's one of the best cities in the world for making things easy for you when you're organising a congress”

37th Symposium of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering - IABSE

José Luis Ruiz de Castañeda

“Madrid is an innovative, modern city with an excellent infrastructure, plus one of the world's biggest air transport hubs, and that makes it an international favourite for holding a congress”

Conference of the International Airlines Technical Pool

Enrique Gutiérrez

“Many people said they couldn't imagine a city like ours”

President of the Organising Committee of the 22nd International Congress and General Meeting of the International Crystallography Union

José Ramón González-Escalada

“I encourage everyone to experience the sure-fire success that comes from choosing Madrid as a sponsorship or event location”

Head of the Pain Management Unit at Ramón y Cajal Hospital

Julio Ancochea

“It's a city that's brimming over with science and culture, and in social terms it's an inclusive city”

45th Congress of the Spanish Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery Society - SEPAR

Felipe Gómez Gómez

“Madrid is a city that provides quality services, quality infrastructure; above all, and most importantly, its people, the Madrid locals, provide a friendly atmosphere”

European Planetary Science Congress

Dr. José Javier Soldevilla Agreda

“I think Madrid is a combination of past and future that people know how to appreciate, whether they're from here or there, from outside or inside”

24th European Wound Management Association Conference - EWMA

Dra. Pilar Garrido López

“The most important thing is the serious, professionalism image that Madrid conveys in the sphere we move in, it's a highly professional city”

3rd Symposium of SEOM - Spanish Society of Medical Oncology

Working with Madrid Convention Bureau

Javier Aparicio Hurlot

“I can tell you that people have congratulated us because we not only took care to have high quality presentations, but also because once you left the conference auditorium, other things were also on offer. The City Council has provided, quite frankly, excellent support

International Congress of Life Assurance Medicine - ICLAM

José Luis Ruiz de Castañeda

“Madrid Convention Bureau has provided excellent support for organising the IATP Congress”

Conference of the International Airlines Technical Pool

Dr. Javier Pérez Gisbert

“Madrid Convention Bureau has been a real help from start to finish. I think it has been a very satisfactory relationship in that we didn't get the feeling that we had to beg or ask for favours, on the contrary, there has been a very, very well coordinated synergy”

26th International Workshop on Helicobacter and Related Bacteria

Dra. Ana Mª Arias Paniagua

“Actually, when I thought about organising this congress I went to see them (MCB) and they gave me a huge amount of help in preparing the bid”

12th Ibero-Latin American Congress in Endodontics

Professor David Levy

“We're scientists, we are no experts on organising congresses, but when we got this chance to hold the conference, we went to the Madrid Convention Bureau”

17th Biennial Conference in Sol-Gel Science and Technology